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Student Life Operations


Student Life Operations


By the management of the Ellison Campus Center and other programming spaces; Student Life Operations provides facilities and services that enhance the quality of campus life by promoting student engagement and supporting programs that enhance the growth of the campus community. 


Ellison Campus Center Room 102


Rebecca Jimenez, Senior Director
Scott Shea, Assistant Director
Helene Collins, Administrative Assistant II
Justin Terlisner, Graduate Assistant


For more information, please contact Student Life Operations at 978.542.6438 or


Scheduling an Event on Campus

In order to schedule an event in several non-academic spaces campus, faculty, staff and approved student organizations must use 25Live, the university's web-based event publishing, calendaring and scheduling solution. You can request use of university space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Please note that it will take up to 48 hours for your event to either be approved or denied.)

Salem State's Ellison Campus Center

Ellison Campus Center

Located in front of Alumni Plaza on North Campus, the Campus Center houses meeting and event spaces, lounges, student organization offices, and student services offices.


What's in the Campus Center?

The Ellison Campus Center is home to a number of campus organizations, meeting areas, lounges and event spaces. Here's a guide to each floor.

Lower Level First Floor Second Floor

Metro Room

Underground Room

Student Government Association

Student Organization Suite

Latin American Student Organization

WMWM radio station

Commuter Lounge

Career Services

Counseling and Health Services

Food Pantry


Student Life Operations

PEAR (Prevention, Education, Advocacy, & Response Program)

Winfisky Art Gallery

Veterans Memorial Hall

Martin Luther King Jr. Room

Presidential Conference Room

LEAD (Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, and Diversity)

LEAD Center for Diversity and Cultural Enrichment

Florence Luscomb Women's Center

Veteran's Center

The Alliance

Asian Student Association

Multicultural Student Association

Program Council


Outdoor Spaces

  • McKeown Plaza outdoor space at Salem State

    McKeown Plaza

    Outdoor open space for medium-sized gatherings, weather permitting
  • Alumni plaza, an outdoor brick plaza at Salem State

    Alumni Plaza

    General outdoor space, no furniture or equipment provided for this space

Student Life Operations Policies

Student life operations enforces the campus events policy, which was created to establish guidelines for the management of events on campus. Through this policy, the university seeks to maintain a safe environment on campus, to protect the rights of event speakers and participants, to respect the rights of faculty and students in the classrooms, and to ensure fair access and due process for those who wish to use university facilities and grounds.

An event will be designated as a major event if it meets at least one of the criteria outlined in the policy.  Examples of criteria include:

  • more than 250 persons are anticipated to attend
  • alcohol will be served
  • amplified sound equipment will be utilized outdoors 

Major events must be approved before space can be reserved.  To learn more, please review this policy here.

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