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Credit by Examination

Salem State University recognizes mastery of curriculum areas through Advanced Placement (AP), the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and may consider other nationally-recognized examinations or departmentally mandated challenge exams of prior subject area knowledge subject to individual evaluation for course comparability and program applicability. Students seeking credit by examination must have official test scores submitted directly from the testing agency. For complete information about policies on credit by examination, please visit the academic catalog at For current examination credit equivalencies, please see below. All equivalencies are subject to periodic review and may change without notice.

Advanced Placement (AP)

AP Component Description Score Range Salem State Equivalent
Art Art History 3 to 5 ART100A
Art Drawing Portfolio 3 to 5 ART102
Art Two-Dimensional 3 to 5 ART101
Art Three-Dimensional 3 to 5 ART203
Biology Biology 3 to 5 BIO121 and BIO122
Calculus Calculus AB 3 to 5 MAT220
Calculus Calculus BC 3 to 5 MAT220 and MAT221
Chemistry Chemistry 3 to 4 CHE130
Chemistry     Chemistry     5     CHE130 and CHE131
Chinese     Chinese Language 3 CHI201
Chinese Chinese Language 4 CHI201 and CHI202
 Chinese Chinese Language 5 CHI201, CHI202 and CHIT61
Computer Science Computer Sci A 3 to 5 CSCT61
Computer Science Computer Sci AB 3 to 5 CSC110 and CSC260
Economics Macroeconomics 3 to 5 ECO201
Economics Microeconomics 3 to 5 ECO202
English Eng. Lang and Comp. 3     Credit may be granted for ENL110 upon review.  Writing portfolio submission required by August 25.
English     Eng. Lang and Comp. 4 to 5 ENL110
English Eng. Lit and Comp. 4 to 5 ENLT61
English Internat. Eng. Lang N/A No Credit
Environmental Science     Environmental Science   3 BIO208
French French Language 3 FRE201
French French Language 4 FRE201 and FRE202
French French Language 5 FRE201, FRE202 and FRET41
Geography Human Geography 3 to 5 GPH105
German German Language 3 GER201
German German Language 4 GER201 and GER202
German German Language 5 GER201, GER202 and GERT61
Govt & Politics Comparative 3 to 5 POL271
Govt & Politics United States 3 to 5 POL201
History European 3 to 5 HST269
History United States 3 to 5 HST204 and HST205
History World History 3 to 5 HST101 and HST102
Italian Italian Language 3     ITL201
Italian Italian Language 4     ITL201 and 202
Italian Italian Language     5 ITL201, ITL202 and ITLT61
Japanese Japanese Language 3 WLCT03
Japanese Japanese Language 4 WLCT03, WLCT04
Japanese Japanese Language 5 WLCT61
Latin Latin Language LAT201
Latin  Latin Language 4 LAT201 and LAT202
 Latin Latin Language 5 LAT201, LAT202, LATT61
Music Music Theory 3 to 5 MUS132N
Physics Physics B 3 to 5 PHS211A and PHS212A
Physics  Phys C Elec & Magn 3 to 5 PHS222
Physics Phys C Mechanics 3 to 5 PHS221
Psychology Psychology 3 to 5 PSY101
Spanish Spanish Language 3 SPN201
Spanish Spanish Language 4 SPN201 and SPN202
Spanish Spanish Language 5 SPN201, SPN202 and SPN350
Spanish Spanish Literature 3 SPN202
Spanish Spanish Literature 4 SPN202 and SPN353
Spanish Spanish Literature 5 SPN202, SPN350 and SPN353
Statistics Statistics 3 to 5 MAT147


College Level Examination Program (CLEP) 


Category Subject Score Range Salem State Equivalent
Composition and Literature English Composition N/A N/A
Science and Mathematics Biology 50 BIO121 and 122*
Science and Mathematics Calculus 50 MAT220
Science and Mathematics Chemistry 50 CHE130 and 131
Science and Mathematics Precalculus 50 MAT150
Foreign Languages French 50 FRE102
Foreign Languages French 62 FRE201 and 202
Foreign Languages German 50 GER102
Foreign Languages German 63 GER201 and 202
Foreign Languages Spanish 50 SPN102
Foreign Languages Spanish 60 SPN201 and 202
History and Social Sciences American Gov't 75 (for POL majors) POL201
History and Social Sciences American Gov't 50 (for non-POL majors) POL201
History and Social Sciences History of the US I 75 (for HIS majors) HST204
History and Social Sciences History of the US I 50 (for non-HIS majors) HST204
History and Social Sciences History of the US II 75 (for HIS majors) HST205
History and Social Sciences History of the US II 50 (for non-HIS majors) HST205
History and Social Sciences Macroeconomics, Princ. of 50 ECO201
History and Social Sciences Microeconomics, Princ. of 50 ECO202
History and Social Sciences Psychology, Introductory 47 PSY101
History and Social Sciences Sociology, Introductory 50 SOC110
History and Social Sciences Western Civilization I 50 HST101
History and Social Sciences Western Civilization II 50 HST102
Business Accounting, Principles of 50 ACC106
Business Business Law, Introductory 50 BUS252
Business Information Systems and Computer Applications 50 CSC101
Business Management, Principles of 50 MGT231
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