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Emergency Information

Your safety is of the utmost importance to Salem State University. Please review our Important Emergency Information Guide to better prepare yourself during an emergency. 

Salem State's open/close status during snow storms or other inclement weather is posted at the top of our website. A link from the notification will advise on morning and evening classes, which dining options are open and the status of the library and fitness center.

Please become familiar with the university's snow closing guidelines.  

Notice will be sent electronically to students and employees via SSU Alerts. Sign up for notifications or change your contact information in SSU Alerts:

  • Students: Log into Navigator. Select the “Profile” tile, then “Contact Details” and “Phone”. Next, select the plus (+) button to add a "Mobile" phone number. Select the box below next to "Preferred". 
  • Faculty and Staff Members: Log into Polaris. Select "Browse" and then “Emergency Alert Information” to add or edit the phone number(s) listed.

 Employees, please visit Polaris for information on our emergency policy for employees.

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