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Welcome to Salem State!

Welcome to Salem State! We’re a university on the move, but we’re missing something important—YOU.

Our thousands of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff call our five-campus university in the historic seacoast town of Salem, Massachusetts, home. Here’s just some of what they have to say about life on—and off—campus.

With the freedom to choose our own path and find our place in the world, we’re looking for adventure and knowledge—and writing the next chapters of our unique and individual stories.

We’re risk takers, artists, and innovative thinkers, and we’re investing in ourselves so we can help others. We’re all about community service here!

We’re on this journey together at a place where we all fit in, a place full of people who inspire us. There’s a welcoming spirit at Salem State, and a real sense of community. Studying at the most diverse state university in Massachusetts gives us access to people from all over the country and all over the world. We love the way our individual differences open our eyes and give us wider perspectives.

Our faculty are world class, and make learning fun and exciting even as they push us to think in new ways. Best of all, though, they are friendly, passionate about their subjects, and here for us when we need them. We also love the small, intimate classes.

Is Salem the perfect location for a college campus? You bet it is! A five-minute walk takes us to the ocean, and on early mornings and rainy days you can smell the salt water in the air. And then there’s the city of Salem. It’s got everything from history (the Salem Witch Trials and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s famous House of the Seven Gables) and great seafood to hopping restaurants and quirky shops of every description. Need something even bigger? Hop on the train, and just 30 minutes later you can be checking out Boston’s nightlife.

We are so on the move, and our vibrant and gorgeous campus is living proof. Check out our fabulous new fitness center, library and theatre. Together they’ll keep your body fit and your mind well-tuned and inspired. New residence halls and over 65 student groups and clubs provide great places to gather and interesting new friends with whom to hang and pursue common interests and passions.

If you’re ready to create, explore, push yourself, succeed, compete, and grow, check us out—and visit us if you’re able. We’d be delighted to show you how to reach the stars and turn your passion into a life’s promise. And don’t forget, some of the strangers you meet here will become your friends for life.

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