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Parents and Families

Whether it's a new applicant or someone currently enrolled, students are responsible for regularly checking their to-do list inside the student portal - Navigator


Financial Aid Package Update

Fall 2018 NEW Day Students: Financial aid packages for 2018-19 will be sent in mid-March. You will receive a letter and an email when your package is complete. Continuing Ed students should expect their packages in June.



Additional Resources

Additional Resources

  • ClipperCard

    The ClipperCard is our official identification card that gives you access to resources on and off campus. A student would use their ClipperCard for things such as meal plans if they are eligible, their residence halls, the library, and our parking garage. For more information, please visit the ClipperCard page. 


    FERPA is the law that protects the privacy of a student’s educational records regardless of age or who is paying the bill. If the student would like to give their parent or guardian access to their educational records, the student must elect to waive their rights to FERPA by submitting a waiver in Navigator.

    IMPORTANT: If the student does not complete the FERPA Waiver, parents and guardians WILL NOT be able to obtain or access any specific information about the student.

    Visit the FERPA page for more information.

  • Health Insurance

    Based on the State of Massachusetts guidelines, students are required to have health insurance. If a student has their own, they are welcome to waive out of the school’s health insurance through their Navigator account. Please check the Health Insurance page for more information.


    Health Services Portal

    Students are encouraged to monitor their health services portal, which can be accessed through Navigator. If counseling and health services is requesting any immunization records, students can see exactly what is needed in this portal.

  • Jobs

    For on-campus jobs visit the Student Employment Office

    In September, during the first week of classes, there is a Student Employment and Volunteer Fair that takes place on campus.


  • Parent Plus Loan

    Parents can apply for a loan on behalf of their student by going to If a parent gets approved, they must remember to go back and complete the Master Promissory Note so the school can be notified of the approval. If a parent is declined the parent plus loan, the student's federal unsubsidized Stafford loan will automatically increase.

    First and second year undergraduates receive an additional $4,000 unsubsidized for the year ($2,000 per semester) 

    Third year and beyond receive an additional $5,000 unsubsidized for the year ($2,500 per semester)

  • Parking Pass

    All eligible students must purchase a parking pass online through their Navigator account. At the time of your online purchase, you will receive a temporary parking pass that is valid for 10 days while you wait to receive your parking decal in the mail. Freshmen are not eligible to park on campus with the exception of commuters. For more information please visit the parking page. 

  • Scholarships

    Students have the option to use AcademicWorks (open end of Fall semester through midpoint of Spring semester) in their Navigator account or online at to view and apply for any internal scholarships for which they may be eligible, and access links to external scholarships. Below is a list of other possible scholarship websites:

    *It is highly recommended to create an account on SALT Money because it provides other important information.

  • Tuition and Fees

    All students are billed depending on what type of classes they register for (day vs evening) and whether they are in-state or out of state. We bill per semester and expect students to regularly review their accounts. All students must pay their bill by dates below:

    Fall semester: August 5

    Spring semester: January 5

    Summer I: May 25

    Summer II: July 25


    For more information please visit the tuition and fees page. 

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