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Report an Incident or Concern


Making a Report


For Immediate Safety Risks, Call 911

Make a Report

The Salem State Student Wellness CARE team reviews and responds to care and concern reports. This can include students who exhibit agitated behavior, references to violence or self-harm, or significant emotional distress. It can also include students who need referrals to resources and are facing challenges that impact their wellbeing and student success.

Make a referral to the Student Wellness CARE team.

Once the form is received, the team will review the information and take appropriate action, which can include outreach to the student, referrals to resources, and following up with the reporter if more information is necessary.

Please note: this is not an emergency response team, and action may not be taken on the same day it is submitted. If you have any questions related to completing this form, please email the CARE team. 

Faculty and staff can report academic or day-to-day student concerns to retention services through Navigate. Observations for Navigate include concerns include academic concerns (class attendance, academic performance, skill gaps); personal issues (living environment, social connections, homesickness) and financial issues.

Make a referral in Navigate (faculty/staff login required). You will receive a notification that your referral was received and addressed.

Salem State strives to both increase the diversity within our campus community and to create a welcoming environment for all members. We unequivocally denounce acts of bias or hate and pledge to respond in ways that reinforce our values, prioritize education and pursue personal accountability. The university defines a bias incident as any act, conduct or communication that reasonably is understood to demean, degrade, threaten or harass an individual or group based on an actual or perceived characteristic. Community members who witness or experience bias are encouraged to notify the university.

Report a bias incident. To learn more, contact our chief diversity and inclusion officer, Christopher MacDonald-Dennis, VP of Inclusive Excellence.

The Student Conduct Code identifies expectations for student behavior both on and off campus. If you feel that a student has violated a university policy, you are encouraged to submit a report.

Submit a violation report. The report will be reviewed for possible disciplinary action. You may be contacted to provide further information about your report.

Individuals should report incidents of academic dishonesty following the Academic Integrity Regulations. Violations of the Academic Integrity Regulations include cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, and collusion. If a student has violated the Academic Integrity Regulations, a report should be filed even when the faculty member plans to address the violation directly with the student. 

Report a violation of Academic Integrity Regulations. Once a report is filed, it will be reviewed by Vickie Ross in Academic Affairs who will forward the report to the college/school Dean for appropriate action according to university regulations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Vickie Ross at 978.542.2472.

Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sex or gender in any federally funded education program or activity. Sex discrimination is a broad umbrella that includes but is not limited to: sexual violence, stalking, sexual assault and dating violence. Read the complete Title IX policy.

Title IX applies to all students, staff and faculty. Any community member who has been the victim of sexual assault or any other sex-based discrimination is highly encouraged to seek support and consider making a report. If this is an emergency, call ext. 6111 from a university phone or 911 from any outside phone.

Make a Sexual Violence and Gender-Based Misconduct Report. To learn more about the Title IX process, contact Shawn Newton, dean of students.

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