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On-Campus ClipperCard Partners

Both Dining Dollars and ClipperCash are accepted at all Aramark Food Service locations:

  • North Campus 
    • Dining Commons—Meier 1st floor
    • Food Court Meier—2nd floor
    • Faculty Dining Area—3rd floor
    • The Berry Library Outtakes—lower level
  • Central Campus 
    • Food Court—Bertolon Building 
    • Marsh Hall Dining Commons—all you can eat
    • OutTakes convenience store—Marsh Hall
    • Starbucks—Viking Hall
  • O'Keefe Center—Café 
  • South Campus 
    • Harrington Café—Harrington Building

Dining dollars are used for all purchases if you have a meal plan. If you do not have a meal plan or if you have used all of your Dining Dollars, ClipperCash is then used for your purchase.

ClipperCash is accepted in all beverage and snack machines:

  • Central Campus—Building One, Enterprise Center, Atlantic, Marsh, and Viking residence halls
  • Lafayette Annex—School of Social Work, main floor
  • North Campus—Administration Building (beverage only), Bowditch Hall, Ellison Center, Peabody Hall, and Sullivan Building
  • O'Keefe Center—Main Floor, Rink and Wellness Center
  • South Campus—Academic Building, Bates Complex and Harrington Building
  • Stanley Building—Break Room

ClipperCash is accepted in all printing locations:

  • Central Campus—Building One second floor  (copier)
  • Lafayette Annex—School of Social Work, main floor (print station)
  • North Campus—Berry Library (copiers and print station), Ellison Campus Center Commuter Lounge (print station)
  • South Campus—Harrington Building Cafe (copier)

ClipperCash is accepted in all MacGray laundry locations:

  • Atlantic Hall
  • Bates Complex
  • Bowditch Hall
  • Marsh Hall
  • Peabody Hall
  • Viking Hall
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