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First Year Seminar

All incoming first-year students and transfers (who have taken fewer than 15 credits at a prior institution) are required to take a first year seminar as part of their general education requirements. First year seminars serve as launching pads for exploration and discovery, providing students with an opportunity to look at the world and specific issues and topics in a whole new way. These unique courses are focused on collaborative learning in an exciting environment.

The seminar introduces students to the experience of academic exploration that is at the heart of a liberal arts education at Salem State University. Through the study of one or more compelling questions or topics in a small seminar setting, students will practice creative and critical thinking as an introduction to academic inquiry. The course will also assist first-year students in developing relationships and practices that allow them to effectively utilize university resources and become members of a community of learners. Seminars are not connected to a student's major.

The first year seminar will address three learning outcomes: an introduction to Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP) outcomes, inquiry and analysis, and critical/creative thinking. Each seminar is three credits and will be required of students during their first semester at Salem State University. The seminar program is required part of the General Education Curriculum. Students will have an opportunity to select from a variety of unique and interesting topics.

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