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What you need to know to get started

Payment Options

Personal checks can be used to make an electronic payment online through TouchNet (free of charge). Review the "How to Make an Online Payment" guide.

All major credit cards are accepted, however, a 2.95 percent (non-refundable service fee ($3 minimum fee) will be assessed by TouchNet, our credit card processor, for credit/debit card payments. Credit/debit card payments must be made online through TouchNet via Navigator.    

Enroll in an interest-free monthly payment plan through TouchNet, (plan enrollment is a $40 non-refundable fee). Review the "How to set-up a Payment Plan" guide. Enrollment for fall plans is mid-July, spring plan is mid-Dec and summer plans is mid-May. Please refer to the TouchNet announcement section for specific dates on when plans are available.

For international students, we have now teamed up with TransferMate to provide you a transparent payment method to reduce additional bank fees and improve your payment experience. Please note, we are no longer working with Flywire as an international payment option. TransferMate helps international students pay tuition and fees in their local currency from any country. See our International Payment page for additional information and how to guides.

Bank checks and money orders can be mailed to:
Student Navigation Center
Attention: Student Accounts
352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970

Private student loans also help pay for college or graduate school. These loans are available through banks, credit unions, online lenders and other financial institutions. Begin your private loan search by visiting our Resource List* (hosted by ELMSelect**)

Parents/guardians can apply for a loan on behalf of their student by going to

Note: The Student Navigation Center does not accept cash or ClipperCash as payment for student bills.

For student’s sending payment to Salem State University from a 529 Plan, please use the following address to mail paper checks to. Please make sure your student ID # is somewhere on the check for processing.


Student Navigation Center
Attention: Student Accounts
352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970

If you have received a scholarship from a source OUTSIDE of Salem State, please MAKE A COPY of the award and do ONE of the following:

  • Email a copy of the scholarship award letter to:
  • Stop by the Student Navigation Center to drop-off a copy in person
  • Mail a hard copy (NOT THE ORIGINAL) to:
    • Salem State University
      Attn: Student Navigation Center
      352 Lafayette Street
      Salem, MA 01970

Direct Pay  

In those situations where the tuition is paid directly to the university by a third party (such as an employer, organization or embassy), the student must provide the Office of Student Accounts with a purchase order or a written statement of intent to pay by the third party as soon as possible. Please make sure to start this conversation with your employer or third party directly. They may contact our office directly as well.  

Once paperwork is sent in and processed, an External Payment credit will show up on the student account in the amount of what was agreed upon with the third party. If the amount does not match, please contact the Student Navigation Center at and in the subject use Attention: Third Party.

In the event the third party does not make payment, the student will become responsible for those charges that were intended to be paid for by the third party. 


Veterans' affairs at Salem State is here to assist current and former service members of the armed forces as well as survivors and dependents with both state and federal educational benefit programs. For eligibility and what educational credits may be available please contact The Veteran’s Affairs Office will work directly with Student Accounts to make sure your benefits are posted and accurate.


Other organizations our third party area works with are:

· Mass Rehab

· Mass Commission for the Blind


Due Dates

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