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Information about getting involved in residence life programs

Salem State residence halls offer a variety of leadership positions for you to consider while living on campus. Student leadership and involvement contribute to a strong and vibrant residence hall community, and there is no better way to make a difference in your community while meeting new friends. Residence life is committed to helping students develop their potential to be leaders, to be globally minded and to be productive and contributing members of society. We believe in fostering leaders who possess an inclusive perspective, in an effort to create social change toward a respectful, diverse society.

Involvement in the residence halls is something Salem State takes seriously, affording you the opportunity to take your experience here to new levels. Leadership experience and skills are highly-prized qualities that employers look for and living in the residence halls offers an excellent opportunity to gain those skills.

Residence Life Involvement Opportunities

Founded in 1999, the Resident Student Council (RSC) (formerly RHA) serves as a governing and programming umbrella student organization for the six residential communities on campus, the individual community councils, weekend warriors, and the Omega Zeta Epsilon chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary. 

Resident Student Council focuses its efforts in five areas: advocacy, community, leadership, programming, and recognition. As a completely student-run organization, RSC oversees a budget comprised of the residence hall activity fee students pay each semester. RSC serves as the voice for students living on campus; making recommendations regarding college issues, acting as a liaison between students and residence life and standing up for students' rights and concerns. RSC coordinates a number of campus-wide programs and activities, participates in community events, hosts leadership training workshops, and travels to colleges and universities across the country to attend various leadership conferences and represent Salem State University interests.

RSC meets weekly; please confirm with your community council for time and location. All students are welcome to attend and voice their opinions/concerns.

About Us

Resident Student Council consists of:

  • An Executive Board elected by the Associate Council consisting of the following positions: Executive Director, Director of Programming, Director of Administration and Finance, Director of Public Relations, Director of Recognition, Co-National Communication Coordinators, and the Director of Weekend Warriors
  • An Associate Council which serves as the voting members for the organization. The Associate Council consists of the President, Vice President, and two RSC representatives from each residence hall who are elected by the resident students of that particular hall.  
  • A Programming Committee and a Budget and Finance Committee which meet weekly during the RSC meeting.
  • Six Community Councils (one for each residential community). Each Community Council is elected by the residents of that particular community as outlined in their constitutions. 
  • Omega Zeta Epsilon, the Salem State University chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary. The Omega Zeta Epsilon Executive Board is elected by the membership of the organization as outlined in their constitution.

RSC receives funding through the residence hall activity fee paid by each resident student ($20 per semester) and any additional fundraising the organization does throughout the year. This money is divided between RSC, the six Community Councils, Weekend Warriors, and NRHH. 

With over 350 chapters nationally, the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) recognizes the top one percent of student leaders impacting the residence halls on colleges and university campuses. Salem State's chapter, Omega Zeta Epsilon, has been inducting outstanding student leaders since 2001. As the top one percent of student leaders on campus, no more than 25 students may be members at any point in time.

Omega Zeta Epsilon members are active leaders on campus participating in community service initiatives, recognition projects, and leadership development activities. Omega Zeta Epsilon also coordinates the "of the month" program which honors outstanding students, staff, faculty, and programs each month.  

Each semester, Omega Zeta Epsilon coordinates several community service projects for members and the campus community to participate in.

Each month, members of the Omega Zeta Epsilon chapter select programs and members of the Salem State community who have been honored for making a difference in the residence halls.  Anyone can submit nominations for these awards by visiting the national website and following the instructions to submit for Salem State.

Everyone who submits a nomination or wins an award is invited to the Of The Month (OTM) Party each semester, where outstanding service to the residence halls is recognized and prizes/awards are given.

Salem State University considers residential living a valuable part of the educational process in which students participate when they agree to live in the residence halls. Paraprofessional staff members help students develop responsible, concerned approaches to group living by supporting their efforts to understand themselves and others.

Paraprofessional staff members also work with residents to create an environment conducive to living and learning. The paraprofessional staff member, therefore, is a resource who plans and promotes programs based on the needs and interests of the students living in their area. Each paraprofessional staff member is expected to plan a number of programming events that meet the social, cultural and educational needs of residents. Other responsibilities may be included throughout the course of the year as designated by staff within residence life.

Paraprofessional Student Staff

Academic Requirements:

1. Enroll in 12-18 hours of academic credits during each semester.

3. Maintain a 2.7 cumulative and semester grade point average (GPA) and remain in good academic standing at all times.

4. Adhere to and enforce Salem State University policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Conduct Code, The Guide to Living on Campus, and the Paraprofessional Staff Manual.

The remuneration for each Paraprofessional Staff member will be room and board. The meal plan is not transferable or alterable.

Contact Charnele Luster for more information about these positions via email at

Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a trained, live-in student leader responsible for creating community, enforcing policy, and providing resources within their residential area. RAs support the community by providing programming opportunities and participate in an on-call duty rotation to respond to emergency situations in the residential area.  RAs report directly to a Graduate Resident Director and indirectly report to an Area Coordinator.

Time Commitment: 15 hours per week

Senior Resident Assistant

In addition to the responsivities of an RA, the Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) is responsible for developing, mentoring, and serving as a role model for the student staff team in each area. SRAs report directly to a Graduate Resident Director and indirectly report to an Area Coordinator.

Qualifications: Must have at least one year of experience as a Resident Assistant at Salem State University.

Hourly Administrative Support Staff

Hourly staff receive the Massachusetts minimum wage for hours worked.

Contact Charnele Luster for more information about these positions via email at

Desk Receptionist

Desk Receptionists (DRs) are the face of the building they work in. They must possess excellent customer service skills and be knowledgeable resources for the residents. DRs assist in maintaining the safety and security of the building and performing administrative tasks such as updating the equipment logs, message board, and guest logs. DRs must be full-time, returning students in good academic standing with the University who possess strong interpersonal skills, administrative abilities, organizational skills, and a high level of maturity. DRs are coordinated by the Desk Receptionist Supervisor and report to the Graduate Resident Directors and Area Coordinators.


  • Be available to work all shifts on a rotating basis, including late night/early morning and weekend hours as needed. This includes at least one weekly graveyard shift (12-3 am or 3-6 am).
  • Work a minimum of 15 hours a week and a maximum of 29 hours a week. Desk Receptionists may be required to take weekend shifts in order to complete the schedule and meet their 15 hours.

Desk Supervisor

In addition to the responsibilities of a DR, the Desk Supervisor (DS) is a trained student employee who is responsible for the scheduling, development, and cleanliness of the front desks and their staff within the residence halls. A DS must be a full-time, returning student in good academic standing with the University. The DS supports the evaluation and supervision of the Desk Receptionists in collaboration with the Graduate Assistant for Housing Operations and Assistant Director of Housing Operations.

Qualifications: Must have at least one year of experience as a Desk Receptionist at Salem State University.

Mail Assistant

The Mail Assistant (MA) is a trained student employee who is responsible for the sorting and distribution of mail and parcels within the residence hall in which they work. MAs are cross-trained as DRs. MAs must be full-time, returning students in good academic standing with the University. The MA reports to their respective Area Coordinator.

Time commitment: 10-15 hours per week


  • Students must possess computer skills, strong interpersonal skills, administrative abilities, organizational skills, and a high level of maturity.
  • Maintainer Assistants must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

Office Assistant

The Office Assistant (OA) is a trained student employee who assists with the day-to-day administrative tasks within the residence hall in which they are assigned or the Residence Life office. OAs are work-study students and may be first-time students. OAs assigned to residence halls report to their respective Area Coordinator. OAs assigned to the Residence Life office report to the Office Manager and Accountant.

Time Commitment: Varies based on Residential Area needs, minimum of 10 hours.


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