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ClipperCard Program Facts

  • ClipperCard program started July 2005
  • Identification card
  • On campus meal plan card
  • Card to access "ClipperCash" account
  • Library card
  • Door access card
  • All full-time day students have funds added to account each semester
  • Currently, over 10,000 carded patrons
  • Off-campus merchant program started fall 2006
  • Over 461,000 transactions and spent over $3,998,000 at local businesses as of FY18

ClipperCard Merchant Program Benefits

Financial Benefits

  • Daily automated ACH payments
  • Reduced cash handling expenses
  • Increased speed of service vs. "cash" tender transactions
  • Debit account payment dependability and security
  • Card carried by all students, faculty and staff
  • Access to campus debit card funds pool
  • Competitive advantage over non-participating merchants

Operation of Benefits

  • Historical increase in traffic and sales
  • Student and employee payment convenience
  • Online access to sales, customer count and other reports

Marketing Benefits

  • New marketing and revenue vehicle

  • No cost advertising and marketing medium

  • Program support and funding by parents

  • New university student and employee merchant visibility

  • Inclusion in ClipperCard reward promotions

  • University website business listing and visibility

  • Card program link to your website

  • Inclusion in card program email blasts

  • Listing on Salem State ClipperCard networking page

Requirements to Participate

  • Terminal for processing sales (options to be discussed with ClipperCard staff)
  • Photo verification of cardholders
  • Signed merchant agreement, to be completed after application is reviewed
  • Merchants agree to pay Salem State commission fee equal to 10 percent of the gross ClipperCard purchases

Process of Becoming a Partner

  • Submit application
  • Salem State administration reviews application
  • Feedback is requested from students and the Salem State community in order to determine if there is any interest in the applicant; pending student’s feedback, location will be contacted to move forward with the process
  • Locations will be contacted to have an onsite meeting/technical assessment with business management
  • Merchant agreement (contract) is signed by merchant and Salem State
  • Merchant orders equipment (more details discussed at onsite meeting)
  • Salem State ClipperCard office staff will install equipment at location and on that day new location will go live

View Salem State's current ClipperCard merchants

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