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Involvement and participation are key to finding success in the first year. There are a number of events and activities coordinated by the first year experience office throughout the course of the year which help students achieve their goals. In addition, several student organizations offer you the opportunity to maximize your first year and dive right into a variety of new experiences. So what are you waiting for? Take the initiative and make your firsts matter!


Alpha Lambda Delta

Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) is a national honor society for first year students. Its mission is to "encourage superior academic promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their unique roles in society." The Salem State University chapter of ALD coordinates social and service programs and provides students with opportunities to earn scholarships. Students are invited to join at the start of the spring semester based on being in the top 20% of the first year class and a minimum GPA of 3.5. Learn more about Alpha Lambda Delta.


Emerging Scholars

The emerging scholars program brings together, supports and motivates rising potential first-year students. Participants are invited to join after a review of admissions materials and are connected with an upper-class mentor, participate in group meetings, attend programs and events related to achieving success, and make new friends in a fun environment. Students who successfully complete the program and meet GPA requirements at the end of the year are eligible to be inducted into Alpha Omega Psi, a campus honor society. For more information contact or visit our FAQ page.


First Year Advisory Board

The first year advisory board (FAB) is an easy way for first year students to get involved at Salem State University in a fun and simple way during their first year. Founded in 2012, the First-Year Advisory Board actively looks for feedback from first year students in how to improve their experience at the university. Anyone can become a member of FAB, and since first year students are busy being involved with a lot during their first year there aren't an overwhelming number of meetings or events when serving on the board. Congrats to the members of our coordinating board. To find out more information, or to sign up to be a part of FAB, connect with the group on Facebook.


First Year Arts Community

The Salem State First Year Arts Community (FYAC) is an opportunity for incoming first year and transfer students to connect with each other, collaborate on artistic initiatives, and become more inspired through creative endeavors.Every student, regardless of major, who is passionate about art, creative writing, dance, film, music, photography, theatre, and any form of visual or performing arts is invited to participate and express themselves. Learn more about the community, upcoming events and news by liking the FYAC Facebook Page.


First Year Day of Service

The First Year Experience office and Center for Civic Engagement offer 200 first year students the opportunity to participate in the First Year Day of Service prior to classes beginning. Students volunteer in making a difference at over 30 sites in the North Shore community, creating long-lasting friendships with their peers. First Year Day of Service will be discussed in June during summer orientation and first year students will have the opportunity to register in late June. Learn about the First Year Day of Service!


Majors/Minors Fair

The Majors/ Minors Fair serves as an opportunity for students to interact with all academic departments on campus to learn about selecting a major or minor. Administrative offices are also present at the fair to allow for students to be educated about academic opportunities that exist in and out of the classroom during their collegiate careers. The fair is scheduled in October. Learn about the Majors/ Minors Fair.


Meet Your Major

Meet Your Major is a required event for new first-year and transfer students to meet with their academic departments and faculty advisor while learning about academic requirements and opportunities. The event is scheduled annually the third Monday in September between 11-1 pm. Room assignments are posted in early September. Learn more about Meet Your Major.


Outstanding First Year Advocate Award

The Outstanding First Year Advocate Award recognizes faculty, staff and upper-class students staff/leaders who have made a positive impact on the first year experience. In support of the university’s focus on first-year student success and retention efforts, these awards allow the community to recognize those individuals who have demonstrated a specific commitment to and impact on first-year student learning, development,and success. Nominees and recipients of the award are honored each year at a luncheon in April. The nomination process begins in December. You can check out previous year's recipients and photos from the luncheon on Facebook.

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