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Counseling 2020

Fall 2020: Counseling Services Update

The counseling services team continues to provide telehealth mental health support for students on and off campus. This includes screenings, urgent care, and referrals for students in and out of state. Short-term counseling is also available for students living in-state in Massachusetts.

During our regular hours, telehealth visits are available for any student to connect to a counselor, be it to get general information about counseling, set up services, get referrals, or speak to a counselor about an urgent care need.

If you feel you should connect with a counselor the same day, please call 978-542-6413 or see below for mental health emergency information.

For non-urgent needs you can call the above number, or you can also connect to the general counseling mailbox at To log in, use your Salem State ID, with the “S” in front of the number and your regular password. Use the Messages tab once in the Health Portal. Select the option to message a counselor about counseling services. If you are already connected to a counselor, your message will be forwarded to them.

For mental health emergencies, visit here. For more resources on specifics mental health topics, email

Mental Health Emergency and Training Programs


Counseling Services

Counseling services offers free and confidential professional counseling or therapy to support student development and assist students with their mental health needs. Personal concerns and challenges are a normal part of the college experience. Students frequently seek counseling to deal with a variety of life issues including anxiety, family concerns, academic stress, sexual violence, racial trauma, sexual and gender identity development, and ongoing mental health symptoms.

We offer daily consultation visits for students interested in services or who are having an urgent need Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am-5 pm. Crisis support is available via text by texting HOME to 741-741 anytime.

In the event of an emergency after business hours, call 6111 if you are on campus. Call 911 if you are off campus, or go to your nearest emergency room.

Access our informed consent form and additional information on making an appointment. 

Your confidentiality and privacy is important to us. Learn about our confidentiality policy.

Discover our full list of FAQs on counseling, including information on discussion topics, how it works, who you will work with, what’s next, and what to expect. 

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