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Welcome to your first year at Salem State University!

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Your first year at Salem State University is an opportunity to explore, learn and grow. The first year experience office (FYE) is here to ensure that you have access to the resources and support you will need to successfully navigate the transition from high school to university life. Your first-year experience will lay the foundation for your continued success in academic, intellectual, social, and civic endeavors throughout your undergraduate career. Whether it's your first class, meeting your first new friend, joining your first student organization, or any other number of "firsts," the FYE office is here to help.

Connect with us on the Salem State University Class of 2024 Facebook group, the First Year Success Facebook pageour blog, and Twitter. Transfer students are invited to join the Transfer Connections Facebook Page.

Contact Us

The FYE office is located in 101A North Campus Dining Commons. However, we are currently working remotely. To speak with someone or set up an appointment, call us at 978.542.2618 or email us.

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