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Viking students holding their ClipperCards in front of them

ClipperCard is your passport to campus and beyond!

The ClipperCard is Salem State University’s official identification card that give you access to tons of resources on- and off-campus. The Student Navigation Center is here to help you understand all the ways you can enjoy the convenience of your card.

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Managing Your Card

  • Student ClipperCard

    The ClipperCard will serve as your university identification card and is required for all students attending. All students will get their first card for free at the Student Navigation Center as part of your orientation. You will need a government issued photo ID (license, state ID and passport are all accepted). A replacement card is $25.

    The ClipperCard will also serves as your:

    • Meal plan card including board, dining dollars and ClipperCash accounts
    • Access card various labs, classrooms, offices, resident halls and commuter parking garage
    • Berry Library and Learning Commons card
    • Copy and print card
    • Gassett Fitness Center card
  • Employee ClipperCard

    The ClipperCard serves as your university employee ID card and is required for all faculty/staff members. Before coming to get your card please ensure you have been entered into the employee system. Please bring a government issued ID such as a license or a passport. 
Your ClipperCard allows a variety of privileges both on and off campus including:

    • Access to various offices and classrooms
    • Berry Library and Learning Commons card
    • Copy and print card
    • Gassett Fitness Center (with membership)
    • Earning employee bonus ClipperCash
  • Adding Funds to Your ClipperCard

    • All students are able to add ClipperCash to their cards 24/7. ClipperCash can be used anywhere the card is accepted. To add ClipperCash to your card visit and sign in using your Navigator login information.
    • Parents can also add ClipperCash to your account by visiting, they will need your student ID number.
    • Low on ClipperCash? Request ClipperCash with Get. Simply visit sign in and on the right hand side of the page fill out the "Ask for ClipperCash" section. Your request will be sent via email with a link to deposit into your account.
    • Download the GET Mobile IOS or Android App so that you can:
      • Deposit ClipperCash instantly to your card 24 hours a day, seven days a week
      • View up to the minute transaction history
      • Report your card lost or found
      • Request ClipperCash deposits from parents using our guest deposits feature where parents can add funds to your card using your ID number and last name
      • Make a one click deposit to your ClipperCash account from anywhere
      • See a GPS location of venues that accept the ClipperCard
      • Easy to read and navigate App and mobile site
    • Additional funds can only be added to your "ClipperCash" account (not your "Dining Dollars" account).
    • Please be advised that all deposits to ClipperCash must be made online using The Student Navigation Center does not accept cash.
    • Please be advised that all deposits to the ClipperCard must be made online using The Student Navigation Center does not accept cash, only checks or money orders. 
  • ClipperCash Refunds

    Your ClipperCash funds can be refunded upon graduation, transferring or withdrawal from the university by completing a ClipperCash refund form. Forms must be submitted to the Student Navigation Center once completed where they will be subject for review and approval. The maximum amount refunded from your ClipperCash account will be $100. Payment or deduction of a $10 service fee will apply to all refunds. Approved refunds from closed ClipperCash Accounts will be paid through the Student Accounts office and all debts owed to the university must be satisfied prior to a refund being processed. Please allow six weeks for processing account closure requests. Refund checks will be mailed to the permanent address of the account cardholder.

  • Lost Card Assistance

    If your card is lost or stolen it can be placed in a "Lost" status by logging on to Be sure to report your card lost the minute you realize it is not in your possession. You are responsible for all charges made with your card.
 When/if you find your card you can also report it "Found" with Get.

On-Campus Access

  • ClipperCash is a pre-paid debit account that can be used for purchases;Dining Dollars are use to buy on-campus meals; Printing Points can be used at print stations around campus.

    ClipperCard Accounts

    ClipperCash, Dining Dollars and Printing Points

Contact the ClipperCard office:

If you ever have a question regarding your ClipperCard, please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by. We are happy to help!

The ClipperCard office is located within the Student Navigation Center on Central Campus
Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 8:30 am - 5 pm, Friday 10 am - 5 pm
Contact us or 978.542.2273 (CARD)

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