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Requirements for New Students

Before you start classes at Salem State University, you need to make sure the health insurance requirements are met and health information forms are on file with us. You can upload your immunization information on our health services portal, located in Navigator, or if you prefer, mail/fax to our office. See our full list of requirements for new students.


Immunization Requirements

Massachusetts law requires immunization and vaccination documentation to be on file in the counseling and health services office for students attending Salem State University. The Salem State University policy requires all new students to submit immunization records and be in full compliance with Massachusetts state law and the Salem State University immunization policy two weeks prior to the start of the semester. Residential students must submit their forms and be in full compliance with the immunization policy two weeks prior to moving into the residence halls. This policy applies to all new students entering in the summer, fall or spring. Full–time non-residential students continue to need to be in compliance with the immunization policy prior to starting their semester. See our full list of required immunizations. 

Consider these optional vaccine recommendations.


Prevention Requirements

Salem State requires every incoming student to complete three brief prevention programs within the ‘e-Checkup To Go’ program – one for alcohol, one for marijuana, and one regarding sexual violence prevention. The ‘eCheckup To Go’ programs are an online, non-opinionated education and prevention course regarding these three topics. All three include an interactive web survey that allows students to enter information confidentially and receive Salem State University specific feedback. Please follow the instructions below in order to complete this requirement by Saturday, September 8.

eCheckup To Go: Alcohol

eCheckup To Go: Marijuana

eCheckup To Go: Sexual Violence Prevention

For each separate link above, follow the instructions below to complete the verification process.

  1. Click on each separate link provided above. Each takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.
  2. Once on the eCheckup website, click the ‘I have NOT completed the eCheckup To Go previously’, and click ‘begin’.
  3. Complete all sections of the program and review feedback. Remember, this is confidential and only the verification of completion is recorded.
  4. After reviewing all information, click on ‘Verify completion of your eCheckup To Go’, input your information and select ‘New Student Requirement’ and submit.

*If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the ‘eCheckup To Go’ programs, please email


International Students

The health care system in the United States is probably very different from what you have experienced in your own country and can be challenging to understand. Counseling and health services is here to assist you with illnesses, injuries, and maintaining and improving your health and well-being. We are staffed with psychologists, mental health counselors, nurse practitioners, and a part-time doctor.

The counseling and health services staff has provided some answers to common questions that many international students have regarding immunizations, healthcare, and health insurance in the United States.

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