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Welcome to Salem State!

Congratulations on your acceptance. Here's what comes next.

Become a Salem State University Graduate Student

Programs with Additional Requirements

  • Educator Licensure Graduate Programs

    Verification of Acceptance into Graduate Educator Licensure Program Form

    This document is required for formal admission into the licensure portion of your program and should be completed with your program coordinator at your plan of study advising appointment. Because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may change educator licensure requirements, you are advised to contact the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for specific, current licensure requirements. The Office of Licensure and Field Placement is also available to help you with licensure questions. You should meet regularly with your program coordinator and maintain the above documents to ensure that you will to meet the academic and licensure components of your program.


    Pre-Practicum Documentation Form

    Licensure programs culminate in a full-time, full-semester student teaching practicum or practicum appropriate to your program and license sought. Before your final practicum, you will need to complete all of the required courses which include pre-practicum field hours. Use these forms to document your pre-practicum field hours. Because these documents must be submitted as part of your practicum application toward the end of your program, it is critical you plan your pre-practicum field experiences with your program coordinator.

  • Master of Social Work

    First, let the School of Social Work know you plan to matriculate and confirm your plan of study. Newly admitted MSW students must submit a $200 non-refundable deposit and confirm the plan of study (full or extended time) to formalize your status as a matriculated student. Deposits are made by credit card or e-check through your Navigator account.


    MSW Advanced Standing
    Summer Start
    MSW Program
    Fall Start
    Follow these instructions on how to deposit and choose your plan of study for Advanced Standing Follow these instructions on how to deposit and choose your plan of study for the MSW program


    Fall 2018 Start: Attend the Mandatory MSW program advising, orientation and registration event on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, at 1 pm. 

    Because Social Work hosts this event, you are not required to set up individual meetings with your program coordinator. Further details and directions for MSW orientation will be provided by the School of Social Work. Newly admitted MSW students will receive important information on the program, including course scheduling, registration and your individual plan of study, which outlines required courses, electives, and when you will take each course. The event concludes with registration.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Attend Graduate Orientation

    Direct Entry/MSOT Orientation will be held the first week in August. All newly accepted graduate students are expected to attend. Details will be sent to you from the OT department by mail.

    Submit immunization records and physical exam to the Counseling and Health Services office. 

    Submit the information below to Sandy Krushenick in the Occupational Therapy Department by September 1 
    Sandy Krushenick
    Salem State University
    Harrington Building, Room 301
    352 Lafayette Street
    Salem, MA 01970
    Fax: 978.542.2073

    • CPR certification for the Health Care Provider (A copy of current card must be submitted)
    • Liability insurance, purchased at the Bursar’s Office, Student Navigation Center, Central Campus Copy of receipt must be submitted to Sandy Krushenick
    • Proof of current Health Insurance, copy of card
    • HIPPA Certification (these are not needed upon admit, they will need this once they begin their fieldworks which is a year and a half into their program)
    • AOTA Membership card: membership in the American Occupational Therapy Association is required (A copy of the card must be submitted)

Academic Resources and Support Services

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