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Graduate Program Coordinators

Master of Arts Programs




Keja Valens

History Bethany Jay

Master of Arts in Teaching Programs

Program Coordinator


Theresa DeFrancis

English to Speakers of Other Languages

C. Julie Whitlow


Bethany Jay


Julie Belock

Middle School Mathematics

Julie Belock

Physical Education

Ann Marie Gallo


Fatima Serra

MA/MAT English

Theresa DeFrancis

Master of Education Programs

Program Coordinator

Early Childhood Education

Christina Cassano

Elementary Education

Anneliese Worster

Higher Education-Student Affairs

Vijay Kanagala

Leadership in Physical Education and Movement Studies

Ann Marie Gallo

Library Media Studies

Valerie Diggs


Cami Condie

School Counseling

Laurie Dickstein-Fischer

Special Education

Kristina Scott

Master's Programs in Business

Program Coordinator
Master of Business Administration  Nisreen Bahnan
Master of Science (MS) in Accounting  Lisa Chen

Master of Science Programs

Program Coordinator

Behavior Analysis

Darlene Crone-Todd*


Michael Mobley*

Criminal Justice

Jennifer Robinson

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Teresa Lyons

Geo-Information Science

Marcos Luna


Arthur Rosenthal

Nursing (MSN) – Education and Leadership Tracks

Mercy Bashir

Nursing (MSN) – Nurse Practitioner Track

Mercy Bashir

Occupational Therapy

Kathleen Schlenz

Master of Social Work

Program Coordinator
Master of Social Work Jonathan Lukens

Graduate Certificates

Program Coordinator
Applied Behavior Analysis Darlene Crone-Todd*

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Kristina Scott


Nisreen Bahnan

Digital Studies

Roopika Risam

Geo-Information Science

Marcos Luna

Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Christopher Mauriello

Public History

Margo Shea

Public Policy and Administration

Kanishkan Sathasivam

School Adjustment Counseling

Laurie Dickstein-Fischer

Sport Management and Development 

Peter Smolianov

Strategic Communications

Rebecca Hains

Teacher Leadership and CAGS in Educational Leadership
(cohort based, permission required)

Jacy Ippolito and Megin Charner-Laird

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Melanie Gonzalez

Writing and Rhetoric Amy Jo Minett


*Contact the School of Graduate Studies at 978.542.6323 to schedule an advising appointment. 

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