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International students on Salem State's campus

Our inspiration and global mission comes from the history of Salem and it golden age of sail.  Intrepid 19th century seafarers and ship builders set off from the shores of Salem to discover people and treasures from China and East India – now India and Southeast Asia. When globe-travelling sea captains returned with new goods, ideas, and stories, Salem's place as a global port and global destination had begun. Now, Salem is a tourist destination on a historical oceanfront, with a history and a story that has welcomed new ideas and new people since 1626.   

Salem's seaport city of 42,000 residents welcomes over a million tourists per year, who can visit our Salem Maritime Historic Site and Visitor Center, and the oldest continuously operating museum in the country – the Peabody Essex Museum – which houses over a million works of art from around the world and numerous historic buildings and a modern expansion.  You may know Salem from the witchcraft hysteria that took place in 1692, and we recognize and honor the innocent victims of that terrible time.  But Salem's history and present are intertwined – with a lively Haunted Happenings celebration during the month of October and stunning views of the ocean from multiple beaches and parks, and with Boston just 30 minutes away by bus or train, Salem's location is perfect destination for international study. 

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