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Need to document your language proficiency?

Students use computers at the Berry Library

Need to document your language proficiency?

You can register to do the digital TOEFL ITP® test and receive your scores immediately! 


TOEFL ITP® Assessment Registration

The American Language and Culture Institute at Salem State University offers the digital version of the TOEFL ITP® assessment on campus each semester. The TOEFL ITP® is one of the approved assessments to demonstrate language proficiency for undergraduate and graduate admissions at Salem State University. The results of this assessment are only valid at Salem State University.

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About the Assessment

TOEFL ITP® tests use academic and social content to evaluate the English-language proficiency of nonnative English speakers. All questions are multiple choice and students answer questions by selecting answers on a computer. The tests evaluate skills in three areas:

  • Listening Comprehension measures the ability to understand spoken English as it is used in colleges and universities.
  • Structure and Written Expression measures recognition of selected structural and grammatical points in standard written English.
  • Reading Comprehension measures the ability to read and understand academic reading material in English.
Section Number of Questions Admin. Time Score Scale
Listening Comprehension


35 minutes


Structure and Written Expression


25 minutes


Reading Comprehension


55 minutes




115 minutes


Need to improve your academic English language proficiency to enter Salem State University?

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Need to improve your English language proficiency?

Salem State’s American Language and Culture Institute offers an Intensive English Language Program that can accelerate your progress.


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