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Intro: Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

Testimonial: Isabela Restrepo

Isabela Restrepo

Isabela Restrepo


“I selected Salem State University for the reputation I heard about [...which] led me to inquire more about the English programs they offer. And when I did so, I liked the teaching methods they have and the way they embrace technology to evaluate their students. I also like how they make progress more natural and not so stressful.”


Intensive English Program Benefits

Program Entry

  • Academic requirements: High School Diploma
  • Age Requirements: 17 years and above
  • Immigration Status: Suitable for full-time F-1/J-1 visa holders; suitable for part-time students, including those studying short term on a B-1/B-2 visa
  • English language requirements: Novice – Advanced (Students are assessed for placement.)
  • Level 1: Novice Low – Novice Mid (GSE 10-21 <A1)
  • Level 2: Novice High (GSE 22-29 A1)
  • Level 3: Intermediate Low (GSE 26-42 A1-A2)
  • Level 4: Intermediate Mid (GSE 30-50 A2-B1)
  • Level 5: Intermediate High (43-58 B1-B1+)
  • Level 6: Advanced Low (GSE 51-66 B1+ - B2)
  • Level 7: Advanced Mid – Advanced High (GSE 59-84 B2 – C1)
  • Oral Communication (Levels 1-7) – 7 clock hours
  • Academic Reading and Writing (Levels 1-7) – 7 clock hours
  • Introduction to U.S Higher Education – 2 clock hours
  • Introduction to U.S. Culture – 2 clock hours
  • Career Exploration and Soft Skills – 2 clock hours
  • English for Professional Communication (Novice High – Intermediate High) – 4 clock hours
  • English for STEAM Careers – 4 clock hours

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