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Intro: Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

Students in our program appreciate that their language needs and personal and professional goals are at the center of instruction by our highly qualified and dedicated instructors. Our students also appreciate the rich variety of social, cultural, and recreational activities provided on campus. You will have the opportunity to make lasting friendships from all over the world!

Testimonial: Isabela Restrepo

Isabela Restrepo

Isabela Restrepo


“I selected Salem State University for the reputation I heard about [...which] led me to inquire more about the English programs they offer. And when I did so, I liked the teaching methods they have and the way they embrace technology to evaluate their students. I also like how they make progress more natural and not so stressful.”


Intensive English Program Benefits

Why should you study at Salem State’s Intensive English Language Program?

Accelerate your English language learning by taking our innovative, hands-on courses that have been strategically aligned to the Global Scale of English (GSE) standards for academic and professional communication.

  • Join an inclusive learning environment that supports F-1 and J-1 visa holders, and community members
  • Meet peer mentors to practice English and receive guidance on adjusting to life on campus and the local community
  • Take 18 or more hours of instruction per week from basic to advanced levels
  • Study only four days a week (Tuesday through Friday)
  • Experience personalized learning plans tailored to your needs and goals
  • Take part in academic advising to help guide your language development and transition goals
  • Receive a certificate of achievement for successfully completing each course

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Program Entry

  • Academic requirements: High School Diploma
  • Age Requirements: 17 years and above
  • Immigration Status: Suitable for full-time F-1/J-1 visa holders; suitable for part-time students, including those studying short term on a B-1/B-2 visa
  • English language requirements: Novice – Advanced (Students are assessed for placement.)
  • Level 1: Novice Low – Novice Mid (GSE 10-21 <A1)
  • Level 2: Novice High (GSE 22-29 A1)
  • Level 3: Intermediate Low (GSE 26-42 A1-A2)
  • Level 4: Intermediate Mid (GSE 30-50 A2-B1)
  • Level 5: Intermediate High (43-58 B1-B1+)
  • Level 6: Advanced Low (GSE 51-66 B1+ - B2)
  • Level 7: Advanced Mid – Advanced High (GSE 59-84 B2 – C1)
  • Oral Communication (Levels 1-7) – 7 clock hours
  • Academic Reading and Writing (Levels 1-7) – 7 clock hours
  • Introduction to U.S Higher Education – 2 clock hours
  • Introduction to U.S. Culture – 2 clock hours
  • Career Exploration and Soft Skills – 2 clock hours
  • English for Professional Communication (Novice High – Intermediate High) – 4 clock hours
  • English for STEAM Careers – 4 clock hours

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