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Our Community Life and Work ESL program offers a unique curriculum to prepare adult learners of English for a variety of daily life and workplace situations. Learners engage in activities that focus on academic and career areas of interest, while acquiring essential language skills through listening, speaking, reading, and writing during our face-to-face group lessons. Additionally, each student will have access to our online learning lab to engage in activities that focus on topics of both general and academic interest, as well as over 40 specific careers to build vocabulary specifically for his or her dream job.  

Why should you study in our evening Community Life and Work ESL Program?

If you want to improve your fluency for practical real-world communication in an educational, workplace, family, or community setting, then our evening ESL program is for you!

  • Build confidence
  • Be part of a fun, supportive environment
  • Improve your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • Explore career options
  • Gain the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace
  • Learn about educational and training opportunities
  • Develop digital literacy skills
  • Transition into our daytime Intensive English Language Program to prepare for direct admission to Salem State University

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An average student studying six hours a week for 12 weeks (72 total guided learning hours) should be able to make learning gains within the target exit ranges listed below.

Program Level CEFR Entrance CEFR Exit ACTFL Entrance ACTFL Exit GSE Entrance GSE Exit




Intermediate Low

Intermediate Mid






Novice High

Intermediate Low






Novice Mid

Novice High






Novice Low

Novice Mid






Novice Low

Novice Low



Please note: Levels may be combined at times depending on student enrollment and placement.

Sample Schedule

Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

6-9 pm

Community Life and Work ESL (Levels 1-2)



Community Life and Work ESL (Levels 3-5)



Community Life and Work ESL (Levels 1-2)


Computer Lab

Community Life and Work ESL (Levels 3-5)


Computer Lab


Dates and Costs

The Community Life and Work ESL program runs in the evening throughout the year. There are six convenient start dates that run for six weeks. We continuously accept applications but recommend students to apply by the recommended deadlines below. Students visiting the United States on a B-1 visa are welcome to apply for short-term study in this program.

Semester Deadline Information and Placement Program Dates
Spring I

February 11

January 21

January 28

February 4

February 11

2019: February 12 – March 29

Spring II

April 1

February 19 

February 26 

March 4 

2020: March 4 – April 27 

Summer I

May 20

April 15 

April 22 

April 29 

May 6 

May 13 

2020: May 18 – June 24 

Summer II

July 8

June 10 

June 17 

June 20 

June 27 

July 1 

2020: July 6 – August 12 

Fall I

September 3

August 12 

August 19 

August 26 

September 2 

September 9 

2020: September 16 – October 26 

Fall II

October 22

September 30 

October 7 

October 14 

October 21 

October 28 

2020: November 4 – December 16 


Costs per Six-Week Session

Description of Fees 6 Weeks 12 Weeks*
Tuition and Course Materials (6 hours per week)



University Required Fees






*Students who register for two consecutive 6-week sessions (12 weeks) at the beginning of a semester (January, May, September) are eligible to set up a monthly payment plan.


Application Requirements

To qualify for admission to the evening Community Life and Work ESL program, applicants must be at least 17 years old. Applicants need to complete our free online application and upload a copy of a photo ID (e.g. state ID card, passport, permanent residency card).



General English Topics: personal information, at school, friends and family, health, around town, time, shopping, work, daily living, free time

Career Readiness Skills: selling yourself, building self-confidence, volunteering, job applications, successful interviews, small talk, improving relationships, giving and receiving criticisms, the right attitude, writing at work and school

Career English Areas: accounting, air traffic, banking, business, caregivers, doctors, engineering, finance, high-tech, hotel, legal, nurses, office, relocation, teachers, travel



Connect with the American Language and Culture Institute

Shawn Wolfe
Associate Director, English Language Programs
North Campus, Sullivan Building, Room 114

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