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Study Abroad FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

All Salem State students are encouraged to study abroad! No matter your major or your career goals, every student can benefit from a study abroad experience. Whether it’s a one-week travel course, a short summer program, or a full semester abroad, we can make it work with any major.

Who is eligible to study abroad?


  • With good academic standing, which is a 2.0 gpa or above
  • Who have no disciplinary record
  • Are approved through Salem State Study Abroad

*Please note that each individual program will have its own eligibility requirements that may be different from the Salem State requirements.

Almost anywhere! We work with study abroad providers who offer programs in almost any region of the world. 

The language requirements depend on the specific program, but there are a wide variety of programs available that teach courses in English. In most cases, if you are going to a non-English speaking country, you would take the majority of your courses in English, and then take a language course. So, for example, a Business major can go to Spain, take business classes in English, and then take a Spanish language course.

Yes! If a student is going on a program that is approved through Salem State Study Abroad, credits will transfer back to Salem State. Students must earn a C- in order for the credits to transfer. Courses taken abroad to fulfill degree credits, and the study abroad office will assist students to get their courses pre-approved by their departments. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors to discuss which courses and degree requirements are best taken abroad.

Most students study abroad during their sophomore or junior year. Most programs do not allow freshmen to participate, however, students can study abroad the summer after their freshman year. It is not advisable to study abroad your last semester before graduating, as it can take time to receive and process transcripts.

Generally, the financial aid you receive for an academic year can be put towards study abroad.

Students must first complete a budget form with the Study Abroad Advisor for their chosen program, which will give you an idea of the total cost. Students will then take the completed budget form to Paul Rowe in the financial aid office, where he will go over your financial aid package and help them figure out how much they have that can be put toward their study abroad costs.

Students are strongly advised to start figuring out all financing for study abroad as soon as possible. All financial aid must be finalized at least one month before your departure.

Unfortunately, no. Since you will be a visitor in a foreign country, immigration laws do not permit students abroad. Work extra hard before your program, and take the time to enjoy your new location and focus on your studies while abroad.

If you want to study abroad but can't be away from home for an entire semester for whatever reason, there are numerous programs that take place over the summer or winter break that only last a few weeks. You can also consider one of our study-travel programs, which is a Salem State course that travels with their professor for about 7-10 days.

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