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Testimonial: Want to explore the United States this summer?

Salem State students at Salem Maritime National Historic Park

Want to explore the United States this summer?

Our American Culture and English Immersion program is the perfect seacoast getaway designed to help learners build confidence in English through authentic language activities as they experience the magic of Salem and the Boston metropolitan area.

Whether you are a history buff, literature nut, maritime fan, foodie, or art appreciator, Salem’s got it all!

Our curriculum exposes learners to a wide range of cultural experiences, language, and accents, familiarizing them with English as it is really spoken and used in Massachusetts, one of America’s top destinations for tourists.

Why should you study in our summer American Culture and English Immersion Program?

  • Enjoy a four-day study week (Monday through Thursday)
  • Explore historic, artistic and contemporary sites of Salem, Boston and beyond
  • Increase your understanding of American culture and history
  • Build confidence in reading, writing, listening and speaking through interacting with local Americans and other international students 

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Program Entry

  • Academic Requirements: N/A
  • Age Requirements: 17 years and above
  • Immigration Status: Suitable for full-time F-1/J-1 visa holders; suitable for part-time students, including those studying short term while visiting on a B-1/B-2 visa
  • English language requirements: Novice – Advanced (Students are assessed for placement.)
  • Level 1: Novice Low – Novice Mid (GSE 10-21 <A1)
  • Level 2: Novice High (GSE 22-29 A1)
  • Level 3: Intermediate Low (GSE 26-42 A1-A2)
  • Level 4: Intermediate Mid (GSE 30-50 A2-B1)
  • Level 5: Intermediate High (43-58 B1-B1+)
  • Level 6: Advanced Low (GSE 51-66 B1+ - B2)
  • Level 7: Advanced Mid – Advanced High (GSE 59-84 B2 – C1)
  • Integrated Language Skills Levels 1-7 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) – 10 clock hours
  • American Culture through Art – 4 clock hours
  • American Culture through Movies – 4 clock hours 
  • American Culture through Art and Storytelling – 4 clock hours
  • English Conversation through Music – 4 clock hours
  • English Conversation through Sports – 4 clock hours
  • English Conversation through Food – 4 clock hours
  • Discover Salem: English through Tourism – 4 clock hours
  • Discover New England Coastal and Marine Life – 4 clock hours
  • Discover New England History and Literature – 4 clock hours

From 2-hour workshops to six-week programs, we will collaborate with your department, business, agency, or educational group to develop a customized English language program to meet your needs.

Previous customized group programs have included:

  • Teacher training and development for ESL/EFL teachers from Mexico
  • Overview of the American public-school system for students preparing to teach in China
  • Business communication for engineers from Japan
  • STEM English for science and technology students from Brazil

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Connect with Salem State’s American Language and Culture Institute -- we're here to help! 

Center for International Education, Sullivan Building, Suite 114, North Campus 

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