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For help connecting with one of our faculty experts, or to discuss a topic not currently listed, please reach out to our media relations office

Nicole Giambusso
Director of Public Relations

Joshua Adams

Joshua Adams
Assistant Professor, Media and Communication

  • Media Studies
  • Race in politics
  • African/Black Diaspora Studies
  • Race in Criminal Justice
  • Race and Newsframing
  • African American History
  • Film
  • Race in Science Fiction

Margaret Ackerman

Margaret Ackerman
Assistant Professor, Nursing

  • Healthcare policies
  • Current recommendations and best practices
  • Current health care trends





Rob Brown

Rob Brown
Professor, Media and Communication

  • Public Relations

  • Crisis Communication

  • Corporate Communications

  • Propaganda

  • Political Issues Communication

  • Persuasive Writing

  • Career Mentoring


Avi Chomsky

Avi Chomsky
Professor, History

  • Immigration and undocumentedness in the United States.
  • The Cuban Revolution
  • Northern Columbia's coal industry





Peggy Dillon

Peggy Dillon
Associate Professor, Media and Communication

  • The state of modern-day journalism
  • How the media cover political and other current events
  • How the journalism profession is changing and evolving due to social media, the convergence of media formats (audio, video, text) in online platforms, and business model changes in the newspaper industry
  • The use and effectiveness of design principles (contrast, alignment, repetition, proximity) in print and online publication design


Michele Louro

Michele Louro
Associate Professor, History

  • Fascism and Anti-fascist struggles
  • Non-violent political struggles (in India, but with wider implications for world)
  • International left-wing organizations, solidarity, unity
  • Modern India
  • Legacies of the British Empire


Marcos Luna

Marcos Luna
Professor, Geography 

  • Environmental justice
  • Climate change and its intersection with social justice
  • Transportation equity/justice
  • Racial segregation
  • Energy and the environment
  • Digital mapping


Sara Moore

Sara Moore
Assistant Professor, Sociology

  • Health disparities and health equity
  • Food access and insecurity
  • Civic engagement
  • Reproductive justice
  • Gender and sexuality



Keith Ratner

Keith Ratner
Professor, Geography

  • Urban planning
  • Transportation planning
  • GIS Implementation






Professor Kanishkan Sathasivam

Kanishkan Sathasivam
Professor, Political Science

  • International security and conflict
  • Foreign policy
  • Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
  • Middle East politics
  • Asian politics
  • U.S. and international space programs


Cindy Vincent

Cindy Vincent
Assistant Professor, Media and Communication

  • Digital media activism
  • Civic media (media and civic engagement)
  • Technology and culture
  • Media literacy and “fake” news
  • Civic learning and community engagement

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams
Associate Professor, Nursing

  • Nursing
  • Nursing education

Additional Faculty Experts

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