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Free and Confidential - 978.594.7089

Confidential advocate offers:

Response within an hour through a phone call or a text.

Empathetic support after an incident

When contacted, the PEAR advocate will assess safety, and provide survivor centered support for individual.  The advocate will also briefly be able to talk through trauma response and help student understand what to expect physically and psychologically. The advocate can help survivors with access to confidential counseling or mental health services as appropriate. The advocate is also able to access a translation service with over 200 languages to support the survivor in the language that they feel most comfortable.  

Education about your options and rights

The advocate will talk through options for medical attention, including the gathering of evidence as well as what to expect when seeking medical attention and how to access hospital accompaniment.  The advocate will also share health services available on campus.

Survivors will be notified of their rights under Title IX and SSU policies. The advocate will talk through options for reporting as well as what can be expected during the reporting process. Students are not required to report to access PEAR Services, but may report to University Police or local police department. They may also report to Student Life to report a violation of student code of conduct. The advocate can accompany the survivor, if requested, to any of these on campus offices.  

Connections to local resources

The advocate can provide information for community based survivor resources, including YWCA North Shore Rape Crisis CenterHAWC or other local and national resources. 

Assistance in reporting, if you choose

The advocate may accompany a survivor to file a report with University Police or local police or with Student Life if the survivor chooses. PEAR can provide support and guidance with the reporting process. A survivor will not receive legal counsel or advice.

Follow-up and check-in 

PEAR will follow-up within 48-hours of the initial call or text with safety assessment, reminder of access to resources, and a conversation about options for reporting. At the survivor’s request, PEAR can follow up again 5-7 days later to check in about safety, access to resources, and options for reporting. A survivor can decline these secondary check-ins. 

This project was supported by Grant No.2015-WA-AX-0021 awarded by the Office of Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice.  The opinions, findings, and recommendations expressed in this document are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women.

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