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Sustainability: Get Involved

Salem State University Sustainability Committee

Faculty, students and staff are invited to join and participate with the University’s sustainability committee. The committee works to promote sustainability across campus through campus-wide dialogue between academics, facilities, food service and community organizations. The committee promotes alternative transport to campus, such as biking, promotes recycling, advises the university on a variety of sustainability topics, and promotes awareness through presentations. For more information, please email the sustainability committee.

Community Partners

City of Salem

The City of Salem's main sustainability focus is energy conservation. In 2009, Salem won an award of 1.5 million dollars from the United States Department of Energy. The money funded the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block program, which aimed to reduce fossil fuels usage and reduce Salem’s total energy consumption.

  • Salem’s Community Energy Strategy: Salem is taking steps towards a better sustainable city by focusing on it’s levels of energy consumption along with how it consumes its energy. Recent efforts include energy efficient buildings, solar and wind powered facilities, and energy efficient LEDs in street lights. 
  • The Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Project: The city has added over 30 bike racks downtown and at transit facilities. Other improvements included bike lockers and a bicycle shelter. To make the roads safer for bike riders, the city has also added signs for designated bicycle lanes. 

Salem Sound Coast Watch

Salem Sound Coast Watch is an organization dedicated to the improvement of the Salem watershed. Their goal is to promote citizen awareness and increase the public's knowledge on what’s going on with our city. Discover more about the organization and how you can help. 

Salem Alliance for the Environment (SAFE)

The Salem Alliance for the Environment (SAFE) is a group that advocates for the city of Salem. They focus on protecting Salem’s air, land and water in citywide decision-making. The group provides new ideas for the development of renewable energy as well as more efficient uses of energy. They also focus on cleaning up toxic waste.

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