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Everyone from students to faculty to staff has a role to play in minimizing Salem State’s environmental footprint and reducing costs to students. Join our sustainability efforts by cutting energy use, managing waste responsibly, reducing commuting impacts, and pushing us to try harder and reach further.

Here are some tips to get you started whether you live in a dorm or work in an office on campus.


Green Your Room

Keep windows closed to allow building ventilation to work properly. Keeping windows closed helps building ventilations systems work as intended.

Use your shades for comfort.  Save energy and keep your room comfortable by lowering shades during cold nights or hot days. 

Turn lights out. Turn lights, TVs, fans, and other devices off when you’re not using them.

Power strips rule! Smart power strips sense when electronics are not in use and automatically shut off power. They also provide surge protection.

Wash laundry in cold water. Choosing the cold-water setting (usually called “delicate” on most Salem State machines) saves energy and reduces water heating costs.  If you would rather wash in warm water, choose the cold setting for the rinse cycle.

Use a reusable mug or water bottle for drinking water, coffee or tea.


Green Your Office

Turn your computer off. Computers are some of the biggest energy users in offices. Turn your monitor off when you leave your office instead of relying on a screensaver.

Turn off lights and electronic devices when not needed and when you leave for the day or weekend.

Use your shades for comfort.  Save energy and keep your office comfortable by lowering shades to shade your office during hot, sunny days and to keep your area warmer during winter. 

Take the initiative by turning off lights, fans, or room air conditioners in unoccupied space on your floor. Note that there is no cooling benefit from fans being used in empty rooms. 

Go green during longer breaks. Turn off some of the larger items in your office such as the photocopier, printer, coffee machine, etc. if your colleagues are amenable.

Use a reusable mug or bottle for water, coffee or tea.

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