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Sustainable Student Life

At Salem State, we’re trying to minimize our environmental footprint – and reduce costs to students. We can do an even better job with your partnership. Join our sustainability efforts by cutting energy use, managing waste responsibly, reducing commuting impacts, and pushing us to try harder and reach further.



Tips to Get You Started

Green Your Room

Window with blinds looking out at trees

Keep thermostat settings moderate. Help reduce energy demand by being mindful of thermostat settings and open windows – especially when you leave the room.

Power strips rule! Smart power strips sense when electronics are not in use and automatically shut off power. They also provide surge protection.

Use your shades for comfort.  Save energy and keep your room comfortable by lowering shades during cold nights or hot days. Turn lights out. Turn lights, TVs, fans, and other devices off when you’re not using them.

Wash laundry in cold water. Choosing the cold water setting saves energy and reduces water heating costs.  If you would rather wash in warm water, choose the cold setting for the rinse cycle.


Green Your Transport

Salem State Zagster bicycles on a rack

Go places with a Zagster bikeBikes are available on Central Campus along the bike path and can be dropped off at the Salem MBTA stop and other points. Bike free for the first two hours. Bring your own helmet.

Get everywhere without a car. Salem State’s Shuttle brings riders to points across campus and to the Salem MBTA stop where you can access the Newburyport/Rockport Line and several bus lines.

The North Shore TMA offers a ride-matching service to help identify carpool partners and vanpool options.

If you must drive: Zip it!Check out the Zipcar options right from campus.

Park in preferred spaces if you have a high efficiency or alternative fuel vehicle or charge your electric vehicle while you’re in class.

Read more about getting around campus and your transportation options here.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Water bottle fill station on central campus

Recycle. Place paper, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic #1-7 in the blue recycling containers. Dirty pizza boxes, foam containers, plastic silverware and plates, and spray bottle pumps all go in the trash.

Bring your own water bottle or mug. Use the hydration stations across campus to fill your water bottle. Use your own insulated container or mug when purchasing hot beverages.

Don’t waste; take only the food you will eat. Wasting food wastes money and resources. NRDC found that America wastes almost 40% of its food. Reducing these losses by just 15% would save enough food to feed more than 25 million people for a year.

Compost food scraps. Follow the posted directions in the dining halls.

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