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Getting Around Campus: Your Transportation Options


Green Commuting Options

Student, faculty and staff commuting accounts for 30 percent of Salem State’s greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce our environmental footprint and decrease traffic and parking demands, Salem State offers a comprehensive suite of alternatives to driving alone. Taking advantage of our urban location, we encourage students, faculty, and staff to use more sustainable forms of commuting by offering subsidized public transportation, a campus shuttle, a free bike share, ride-share matching, electric scooters, and Zipcar programs to encourage more sustainable forms of commuting.

Explore Your Options

MBTA bus #455  travels to and from the Wonderland T-stop in Revere and the Salem commuter rail station in downtown Salem, stopping at Salem State’s North, Central and South campuses as well as the School of Social Work along the way.

Salem State’s ClipperCard Office provides students with 16 percent subsidies for T passes and gives out free Charlie Cards that offer discounts on bus and subway fares, while supplies last.

The MBTA’s Salem commuter rail stop on the Newburyport/Rockport line is located in downtown Salem, a 15-minute walk from North Campus. The MBTA offers unlimited rides on the commuter rail on the weekends for $10. Buy commuter rail tickets on your phone with the MBTA mTicket App.

Use the MBTA Trip Planner to map out your commute or download the Transit App to see real-time information about your route.

Ride a Zagster bike for free! Download the Zagster app and sign up with your Salem State email address. Membership and the first two hours of every ride are free. There are Zagster bike hubs outside Ellison, along the bike path at Central Campus, and at Bates. There are also 13 more hubs across the City of Salem. The Zagster bike share program launched across the City of Salem in 2017 and bikers have already enjoyed over 22,000 rides.

Winter 2020 update: For the first time, a limited network of Zagster bikes will be available during the winter at seven hubs, including the three on the SSU campus. Please return bikes to one of these seven hubs. Learn more here.

You can also bring your bike (and helmet) from home. Students who want to protect their bikes in winter can email to request access to the bike storage room in Viking Hall.

If you experience problems with your Zagster bike, please contact or call 202-99-WEZAG.

The miles2share app helps Vikings find carpool partners. Salem State has established an exclusive closed network just for the Salem State community to help students, faculty and staff carpool more often. Now it’s easier than ever to share rides to and from campus, to Cat Cove, to events in the area, or home for the weekend.

Promotional codes are available to help make this new program successful.

Using the code WINTER gives drivers a $7 bonus and riders up to $7 towards the cost of the ride.

Join the Salem State miles2share community:

  1. Down the miles2share app and register with your Salem State email address
  2. Complete your profile, noting if you are a student or employee (this helps students who may want to choose rides with other students, for example)
  3. Set frequently used or one-time routes
  4. Connect with matched drivers or riders before sharing rides
  5. Payment is handled via the app; the rider pays $0.40 per mile and the driver earns $0.34 per mile for rides less than 20 miles. Longer rides cost less.
  6. Enjoy your inexpensive, sustainable commute!

Electric Spin scooters are available to rent throughout the City of Salem and across Salem State’s campus. Download the app to get started. It costs one dollar to unlock a scooter and then $.15 per minute.

Winter 2020 Update: Electric scooters will be available in a limited network during the winter months until mid-March when the program will increase back up to 200 scooters. Hubs that may have scooters available are at all of the residence halls, Gassett, Ellison, Central Campus bike path, Berry Library, Sullivan and the School of Social Work.

While Spin scooters can reach 12 mph, note that North and Central campuses are slow zones with top speeds of five mph. Additional areas of Salem such as Highland Avenue, the pedestrian mall on Essex Street and the approach to Vinnin Square on Loring Avenue are no-go zones. At these locations and at the city borders, scooters will safely decelerate to zero mph.

Scooters are available from 6:30 am until dark. After that, Zagster, the company managing this program, collects the scooters to charge them overnight. Take care to park your scooter upright in a designated scooter parking zone or the app will not let you end your ride.

If you experience problems with your scooter ride, contact or 1-888-249-9698. To report scooters in inappropriate areas or similar issue, contact

Learn more about the City of Salem's electric scooter program! 

Electric Scooter Safety Tips and Rules

Salem State University prioritizes the safety of the campus community.  Therefore, use of electronic and motorized scooters must be responsible, safe and considerate to all.  Broadly, electronic and motorized scooters are allowed where bicycle traffic is allowed, however irresponsible use or failure to adhere to the following guidelines may result in Code of Student Conduct violations. 


  • Scooters must be operated in a safe manner and riders may be subject to citations if operated in a manner determined to be reckless.
  • Do not operate scooters under the influence of any alcohol or drugs.
  • Always obey the rules of the road and ride with, not against, traffic.
  • Yield to pedestrians in the public right of way.
  • Do not ride on sidewalks.
  • Do not charge electric scooters inside campus buildings; Zagster will charge the scooters nightly.
  • Return scooters to the marked hubs on campus or to any of the marked hubs across the City of Salem.
  • Do not operate scooters in any campus buildings or their entrances.
  • Do not ride scooters on steps, stairways, access ramps, retaining walls, seats, benches, railings or similar architectural features.
  • Only one rider is allowed per scooter.
  • Riders must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Riders should wear a helmet.

Students over age 18 can join Zipcar for $15 per year and use cars by the hour or by the day. Gas, insurance, up to 180 miles of driving per day, and roadside assistance are included in the Zipcar rates. Cars are available on Central Campus.

For the price of a Salem State parking permit, you can drive approximately 40 hours in a Zipcar and you won't have to pay for gas, insurance or maintenance. Drive with a few friends to split the cost and take even more trips!  

Learn more about Zipcar or access Salem State’s portal to join. Once you request a membership, it may take a few days to receive approval so please plan ahead.

Check out the Zipcar program and the other options above before you decide to bring a car to campus. If you need to bring a car, get directions to campus and view our campus map. Electric vehicle charging stations are located inside and next to the Parking Garage and behind Viking Residence Hall.

Learn more about parking on campus!


Excellence in Commuter Options (ECO) Award

Every year, MassCommute and MassDOT honor organizations helping to improve the sustainability of transportation in Massachusetts. Salem State University received Excellence in Commuter Options (ECO) Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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