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Sociology is the discipline at the heart of understanding the human condition. Sociologists and students of sociology seek to better understand social relations through the study of social groups, social behavior, social interactions, social institutions, and social structures.

Studying sociology enables students to:

  • Recognize cultural differences in the United States and in other parts of the world.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of groups and experiences that are different than their own. 
  • Get a sense of how differences in opportunities, experiences, and outcomes may be shaped by race, ethnicity, sex/gender, social class, and other social statuses.
  • Understand how social inequality is created, structured, and reinforced.
  • Become conscious of how our society is organized and why disparities, inequality, and social problems arise.

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Kassandra Fabian

Kassandra Fabian '20


"My love for sociology is thanks to the outstanding professors we have at Salem State. I do not think I would be so enthralled with this major if it weren’t for them. They know how to capture the student’s attention, design a powerful curriculum, and put their soul into teaching. There is nothing more valuable than to learn from a professor who is truly passionate about the topics they teach."

Degree Programs

  • Sociology


    The BA in sociology is the traditional degree in the discipline and provides students with both a strong training in sociology and foreign-language proficiency. In addition to the university's general education course requirements, students will study a broad range of sociological topics, which include the core courses (statistics, sociological theory, and research methods), and a variety of sociology electives. Students also will gain foreign-language proficiency. The minor requirement allows students to select a second discipline that complements their professional interest. The BA option is appropriate for students interested in pursuing graduate school, which often has a foreign-language proficiency requirement. 

  • Sociology


    The BS in sociology combines a solid liberal arts and science curriculum with courses that complement specific career goals. Students will study a broad range of sociological topics, including the core courses (statistics, sociological theory, and research methods) and an array of sociology electives, together with the university's general education course requirements. The BS in sociology with a minor offers greater flexibility, as there is no foreign-language proficiency requirement. The BS option is appropriate for students considering the job market upon graduation and can be appropriate for those intending to further their education with graduate study if they choose the elective courses to support that choice.

  • Sociology


    Studying sociology not only allows students to better understand the social world, but it provides good preparation for a broad array of careers in both the public and private sectors, including in education, social services, law enforcement, public administration, and other areas. The minor in sociology requires 18 hours in sociology, including SOC 110 (introduction to sociology) as the basic course and the prerequisite to the other 15 hours required.


About Salem State's Sociology Program

Sociology students at commencement

Salem State sociology majors take a core group of classes that form the backbone of the discipline. Core classes include statistics, classical theory, contemporary theory, and research methods. Sociology students benefit from a variety of sociology electives in both general areas (e.g., social inequality and social problems) and more specialized areas (Afro-Latinos, gender and society, public sociology, race and ethnicity, social deviance, and urban sociology, to name a few of our electives). Students conclude their coursework through more applied and experiential courses (internship and/or community involvement), with the capstone seminar in sociology as the culminating experience within the major. Discover why a sociology degree could be right for you!

Student Opportunities in Sociology

The sociology department offers a variety of opportunities and activities for our students, both inside and outside of the classroom:

What Can I Do with a Degree in Sociology? 

The sociology program at Salem State provides students with excellent preparation for graduate school and professional careers. The discipline builds the necessary skills for careers in public policy, law, human and organizational relations, education, social service, criminal justice, and a variety of entrepreneurial activities. Learn more about career opportunities in sociology.


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