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Advocacy Day: For People Who Want to Take Action


Students with "I support Dreamers" signs

Advocacy Day includes guest speakers and workshops for students who are interested in learning about social justice issues and gaining activist skills. Social justice issues addressed in previous years have included: immigration, voting rights, women’s rights, economic and housing justice, racial justice, and LGBTQ rights, among others.

Learn more about Advocacy Day.


Advocacy Education

CCE curricular and co-curricular programming around advocacy and social justice include: 

  • Advocacy in the Classroom Workshops that help students:
    • Identify social justice issues they are passionate about
    • Recognize personal strengths and how to apply them to advocate for change
    • Discover how to become engaged in the community
    • Identify elected officials and learn how to effectively utilize them in the advocacy process
  • Talks and Panels by local representatives to educate students on advocacy issues
    • For example, in 2018 Representative Lori Ehrlich talked with students about S.736, her bill to end sexual assault on campus
  • Support for and participation in Educational Teach-ins that address social justice issues, like the SSU Teach-In for the Cherish Act and public higher education funding

Please contact the center to engage in advocacy education opportunities.


Just-in-time Advocacy

Just-in-time Advocacy responds to issues that arise on campus, in the community or the world through advocacy education and outreach, like postcard parties or guest speakers. 

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