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Salem State University’s Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish prepares students to work at either the elementary or secondary level. Our program is unique because it runs through the world languages department and is taught entirely by full time professors. The rigorous Spanish course package is entirely in Spanish and offers a solidly balanced preparation. The program is especially beneficial for initial level students, but our MAT program addresses all coursework needed for the professional license as well as the initial license.



The MAT in Spanish is designed for people who are seeking either initial or professional licensure to teach Spanish in elementary or secondary schools. We offer four licensure tracks: initial level elementary Spanish (P-6), initial level secondary Spanish (5-12), professional level elementary Spanish (P-6), and professional level secondary Spanish (5-12). Sample content courses include: Advanced Spanish Grammar and Textual Analysis, Spanish Literature, Contemporary Spanish Women Authors, and Introduction to Spanish Linguistics and Sociolinguistics.

Our program is an excellent way to create a base for a career as a Spanish teacher.  Not only does it have a track that meets your initial licensure needs, but it also fulfills the educational requirements for professional licensure. In other words, it is a “two-for-one” program that sets you on the long-term path as a successful professional Spanish teacher. 

Our program is Spanish-focused, offering 27 of the 36 credits in Spanish-only courses including a Spanish-specific methodology class.

What Makes Our Program Unique

  • Having a methods sequence that is focused on teaching Spanish and is taught in Spanish is a unique learning opportunity for our students.
  • Students acquire strategies to enable diverse populations to succeed at learning another language.
  • Strong package of Spanish courses taught entirely in Spanish by full professors
  • Our program includes a Spanish linguistics course and a research project in Spanish. The research project is a unique opportunity to work closely with faculty and to present in a formal environment such as the MAFLA (Massachusetts Foreign Language Association) Conference. Our program has involved our students in MAFLA through student internships, board service, conference presentations and Newsletter articles.
  • A strong partnership with more than 50 area schools throughout Greater Boston and the North Shore offering excellent field work opportunities. Educators already working in the classroom may be able to complete their practicum at their place of employment.

Program Details

Program Start: Fall, spring, summer

Course Formats: Evening, online or hybrid

Length of Program: Approximately three years. This timeline assumes two courses per semester and one/two in the summer. Our offerings are focused on students who are teaching, offering maximum flexibility for working professionals.



Our robust 42-credit curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and confidence needed to begin teaching on day one. The curriculum for our full suite of MAT programs includes 4 core courses in education, 5 core courses within your content specialization, 2 teaching methods courses within your content specialization, 1 education elective, and a semester-long supervised practicum and seminar in the field teaching.



There is always a need for good teachers. Current trends and projections show a relatively stable demand for teachers in the Greater Boston area with potential teacher shortages in some school districts. There is a particular need for educators with backgrounds in special education and English language learning and for minority teachers.* Massachusetts teacher standards have a strong national reputation and many who hold teaching licenses in Massachusetts have the knowledge and skills needed to successfully obtain licensure in other states.

Spanish is a “high-need subject area” in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There are many open positions regularly advertised on School Spring, particularly at the secondary-school level.  This is reflected by the fact that currently 100% of our enrolled students –i.e. who have not even finished the program- are employed as Spanish teachers.

*Source: American Institutes for Research Report “Massachusetts Study of Teacher Supply and Demand: Trends and Projections,” December 2015.


Practicum Requirements

Initial Licensure students must have completed all education core courses, both method courses and six credits of Spanish content courses, AND must have taken and received at least an Advanced Low score on the ACTFL Oral proficiency Interview (OPIc) prior to applying for practicum. The six credits in Spanish cannot include SPN 900, the MAT Research Monograph.



We offer the opportunity to progress from your preliminary license through your professional license within one program. As soon as you pass your MTELs (state teacher tests), you can apply for your preliminary license and begin your career as a classroom teacher. Once you have completed your core classes and student teaching, you will be endorsed for your initial license. Upon completing your MAT and finishing at least three years of teaching under your initial license you will be eligible for your professional license. This means that graduates of our program are able to complete all licensure requirements without needing to pursue additional coursework.

Visit the licensure page for more information on licensure options.

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