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Student Testing

The Department of Higher Education requires students entering a Massachusetts public institution to take the Accuplacer examination, developed by the College Board. The purpose of Accuplacer exams is to provide the student and institution with useful information about your academic skills in math and reading, which is referred to as competencies and part of the general education core requirements at Salem State. 

Update: As of January 28, 2019 Accuplacer, has been redesigned to Next -Generation Placement Test. The new upgrade will assist in continuing to be the best system for various institutions in evaluating students’ skills in areas surrounding reading, writing and mathematics. 

*Note: First-year students will take some or all of the Accuplacer exams during summer orientation, therefore, they should not make prior testing appointments until after orientation (if necessary). Students who transfer into Salem State could request an Accuplacer score report to be faxed to academic advising for evaluation.  

Have you satisfied your Level 1 competency requirements?

View the competency handout for more information (spring 2019)
View the competency handout for more information (fall 2017)
View the competency handout for more information (pre-fall 2017)

Need to make an appointment?

Please login to your Navigator account.

What should you bring to the appointment?

Bring your ClipperCard or a picture ID to check in.

Is there a study guide or sample questions?

Yes, select the appropriate exam below for study materials.

If you require testing accommodations, please call 978.542.5500 to speak to a staff member in the advising office. Please fax all score reports to 978.542.6214.

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