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Work Study

Work Study Awards

The Federal College Work Study program (FCWS) provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing you to earn money to help pay educational expenses. It does not reduce tuition or fees. The total award depends on when you apply, your level of need and the school's funding level. You must apply for financial aid to be considered. 

Eligibility and Process

To be considered for work study you must have a completed FAFSA and have a completed financial aid file in our office.

If you receive an award, you must go to the student employment office to complete employment paperwork and contracts. You must also have the appropriate documentation (originals only, no copies).

Please Note: Students not initially awarded work-study may place their name on the work-study wait list, on this page, at the start of the fall semester.

Important: Students receiving work-study awards are expected to secure a job placement within three weeks of the semester's start. Students who have not secured a position by the end of three weeks will have their work-study award canceled, once canceled it cannot be reinstated.

Visit the Student Employment Office to learn more about on-campus positions.

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