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Apply: Graduate Programs in Early Childhood Education

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The MEd program leads to a master's degree. It is designed for either 1) individuals who already hold an initial license in Early Childhood Education who, with requisite experience as a teacher of record, wish to qualify and apply for a professional license from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or 2) individuals with prior experience in the field (as either a teacher or administrator in a public school, a private school, a Head Start or child care or out-of-school-time program setting) who are seeking further professional development in the field.

Eligible students can apply for financial aid using the FAFSA.

The Initial Licensure Only program does not lead to an academic degree. It is designed for individuals seeking an initial license and/or training in early childhood education, but not a degree.

While this program is not eligible for financial aid, the MEd programs are.

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Graduate programs in Early Childhood Education application process

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