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Graduate Application Process


MS Counseling Graduate Application Process

Required Materials

Additional Requirements for the School Adjustment Counselor Track

  • Passing scores on the Communication and Literacy MTEL, both the reading and writing subtest


  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed once complete.


18 credit hours of study in the field of psychology and/or the behavioral sciences, including:

  • 3 credit hours in general psychology or the equivalent
  • 3 credit hours in statistics or research or the equivalent

Application Tips

  • Because work experience is a plus (but not required), address related work experience in your narrative statement.
  • Your letters of recommendation and narrative statement are important, so be thoughtful when putting these pieces of your application together.
  • If you have earned a substantial number of graduate credits within the past seven years but have not earned a master's degree, discuss the possibility of advanced standing with the program coordinator. 
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