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Careers in Psychology

Students who graduate with a psychology degree have many opportunities for employment and graduate study. The United States Department of Labor has information about the employment outlook for psychologists.

Graduate Study

Students who wish to practice professional psychology, for example as counselors or therapists, must complete at least a masters degree in an appropriate psychological specialty, under the supervision of a practicing psychologist. Advanced study at the doctoral level provides more opportunities to practice, research and supervise in psychology, as well as teach at a college or university level. Psychology graduates may choose to go to graduate school in social work, criminal justice, sociology, and other related fields, or they may enter law school, medical school and divinity school.

The graduate school at Salem State currently offers three master of science programs: one in counseling and psychological services, one in industrial organizational psychology and one in behavior analysis. Other campus resources include career services and your academic advisor in the psychology department.

More information about graduate study in psychology can be found at the American Psychological Association web site.

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