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Courses Offered in Healthcare Studies

Healthcare Studies

BHS 101: Healthcare in the Us

This course introduces a student to the history, structure, and characteristics of the American healthcare system including the delivery of healthcare services, service settings, healthcare financing, insurance, and the roles and responsibilities of healthcare providers and professionals. Students will establish skills and knowledge needed to become more informed healthcare consumers and to comprehend the complexities of the current healthcare system, healthcare practice guidelines, and ethical practices. Three lecture hours per week. Required of all BHS majors and minors.

Credits: 3.00

This course fulfills these general education curriculum requirements: Pers Growth & Responsibility

BHS 107: Technology in Healthcare

This course exposes students to a variety of technological methods and media used in healthcare. Students develop an appreciation of the value of technology used in healthcare. Such topics as robotics, presentation approaches to consumers and professionals, electronic records, and telehealth are explored. Students learn how to evaluate technology and its potential uses in a range of contexts. Three lecture hours per week. Required for the BHS major and minor.

Credits: 3.00

BHS 203: Healthcare Seminar

This seminar course builds on BHS 101 and 102 to facilitate each student's development of an academic and professional plan fostering an identification of a targeted area(s) of interest within the healthcare arena.
Prerequisite: BHS101. Must have completed 24 credits. Limited to students in the BHS major.

Credits: 2.00

BHS 230: Academic and Professional Writing in Healthcare

The purpose of this course is to strengthen and encourage the use of skills that students require for successful academic and professional writing in healthcare disciplines. Development of information health literacy skills and language including medical terminology will be covered. Students will learn various aspects of personal and scholarly professional writing including APA style. Course consists of writing and revision after instructor and/or peer review. Three hours per week. Prerequisite W-I. Required for BHS majors.

Credits: 3.00

This course fulfills these general education curriculum requirements: Written Communication-Level II

BHS 247: Statistics for the Healthcare Professional

This introductory course provides the students with statistical concepts and models used to analyzing health care research and data. Students will explore statistical methods for establishing correlations, interpreting trends, conducting time series analysis, and predictions. Probability and sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, effect size, and statistical power will be examined from a theoretic perspective. Students will be prepared to critically examine research articles and utilize evidence based practice. Required for the BHS major.

Credits: 3.00

This course fulfills these general education curriculum requirements: Quantitative Reasoning

BHS 270: Understanding Diversity and Cultural Competence in Human Services

The purpose of this course is to explore the meaning and implementation of culture competence in a social work context. Various aspects of human and social diversity will be explored, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, social class, and gender. The psychological and institutional cause and consequences of discrimination and oppression on a wide-range of populations are analyzed. Strength-based strategies for interacting with clients in human service agencies who have been victims of oppression and discriminatory policies are discussed. Readings, class discussions, and experiences aim to assist students in developing culturally competent social work values and techniques. Required of all Social Work majors and minors.
Prerequisites: SOC201 and PSY101 or approval of Department Chairperson.

Credits: 3.00

BHS 302: Health Policy

This course provides an introduction to contemporary issues in American and global healthcare policy. Students will gain an understanding of the public policy process and the role of various stakeholders in shaping policy. The impact of healthcare policy at the local, state, national, and global level will be examined. Strategies to engage in healthcare advocacy are presented. Three lecture hours per week. Required for BHS major and minors.

Credits: 3.00

BHS 320: Cornerstone to Healthcare Professions

This course provides students the opportunity to reflect on past learned knowledge and construct an understanding that will lead toward the development of future professional goals and skill. Specifically, the course will guide students through a process of identifying internship or employment sites of interest, preparing applications and accepting documents, securing an appropriate internship/employment placement and fostering development of knowledge, skills and abilities pertinent to successful internships and/or employment. Required of Healthcare Studies majors with junior year status and academic good standing. This course will be graded Pass/Fail only. Taken the semester prior to BHS 520 Internship in BHS. Two lecture hours per week. Required of Healthcare Studies Majors.

Credits: 2.00

BHS 401: Health and Disability Across the Lifespan

The life expectancy of individuals with disabilities is expanding. There is a growing trend that many more individuals in the US will face greater challenges and consume more healthcare services in the future. It is vital that healthcare providers understand how different challenges affect a person's abilities throughout their lifetime. Topics of discussion will include understanding ability versus disability, an overview of common disabilities that impact an individual's function over time, legislative and policy issues that impact service, the history of disability care in the US, and healthcare promotion and prevention. Required for the BHS major and minor.

Credits: 3.00

BHS 402: Principles of Leadership and Management in Healthcare

This course introduces students to the process of leadership and how it is conducted in a variety of settings. Theoretical constructs of leadership as well as practical applications will be presented, Students will learn about effective teach building, management strategies and structures and develop a personal leadership/management plan. Required for the BHS major and minor.

Credits: 3.00

BHS 407: Introduction to Healthcare Research

This WIII course is designed to enable the student to understand the interrelationship between research and practice. Emphasis is placed on the the examination of research methodology, the critical appraisal of published research, and the integration of research into evidence-based practice. The course builds on the skills developed in BHS230, helping students strengthen their writing abilities in the healthcare field. Students will compose in various genres related to the industry such as a research proposal, abstract and annotated bibliography. Required of BHS majors. Three lecture hours a week and work outside of class.
Prerequisite: BHS247/OCT247 Statistics for the Healthcare Professional or approved statistics class, and completion of a WII course.

Credits: 3.00

This course fulfills these general education curriculum requirements: Written Commun-Level III

BHS 410: Special Topics in Healthcare Studies

This course will focus on special topics related to Healthcare Studies. The topic and instructor will be announced prior to registration. This course may be repeated for credit with different topics and with permission of the Department Chairperson. Three lecture hours per week.

Credits: 1.00 - 3.00

BHS 499: Directed Study in Healthcare Studies

This course provides a guided opportunity for students to have a directed study developed in conjunction with a faculty advisor. An advanced student may require a directed study to continue independent research to complete their capstone project. The directed study activity must be approved by the program director and meet the department requirements. Students are required to have regular meetings with their faculty advisor. Open only to BHS majors.

Credits: 1.00 - 3.00

BHS 520: Internship in Healthcare Studies

This course affords students the opportunity to translate theory into practice, apply and gain knowledge, build collegial relationships, and experience directly the operations and functions within a healthcare setting. This fieldwork may assist students in clarifying their career goals and exploring future employment opportunities. Students will work under the supervision of a worksite supervisor during the internship. Ten hours/week within a minimum of a 2 day/week site schedule and 120 total hours is required. Regular supervisory meetings with Healthcare Studies faculty is also required. Open only to Healthcare Studies seniors of academic good standing.

Credits: 3.00

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