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Student Clubs

The purpose of this club is to teach Data Science, Machine Learning (ML), and provide opportunities for individuals breaking into the tech field regardless of race, color, sex, disability, age, religion, etc. We strive for students on learning how to analyze real-world data sets using industry-relevant tools and Machine Learning libraries to build, train, and implement Machine Learning models for business solutions. We're one of the first cohorts with MIT's Break Through Tech AI Program and have networks across several affluent private and public universities. 

The Programming Club aims to collaborate with other students who are interested in programming. Either as a hobby or as a way to practice programming. During the club meetings, we can work together for resume-building opportunities. We will also be discussing information on internships and computer science-related events occurring within the greater Boston area. The Programming Club will meet once a week in Meier Hall 209. Feel free to drop in to do homework, hang out, and get to meet other computer science majors/minors.

The Robotics club welcomes all students with an interest in robotics, computer vision, or embedded systems. Students in the club will work with Sun Founder Pi Car, Raspberry Pi, and Finch robots. Students can design, build, and translate their own ideas into robotic activities. Robotics Club provides a fun learning environment for students to come together and study the field of robotics. It helps them foster their critical thinking, team building, social, and leadership skills. Club activities provide students with the opportunity to pursue their interest in robotics outside of the classroom, to work on their capstone projects, to learn from other students, and to complete projects that can be used to demonstrate their abilities when they are looking for a permanent job.

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Department of Computer Science

Salem State North Campus, Meier Hall, Room 207
Mailing Address:
352 Lafayette St.
Salem, MA 01970
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