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Viking Spotlight: Peer Tutor Klausa Topi '21

A Q and A with Viking Klausa Topi, who has tutored peers in business, finance and economics

Salem State student Klausa Topi '21 has worked for two years in the university's peer tutoring program. She is actively involved in the Bertolon School of Business, where she serves as a student success fellow. She is also vice president of the Finance and Investments Association and works as a resident assistant at the university. Here, Klausa tells us all about her experience as a peer tutor at Salem State.

What is your major/When will you graduate?

My major is business administration with a concentration in finance and a minor in economics. I will graduate in May 2021.

What courses do you tutor?

I tutor a lot of courses in economics, math, business and finance:

  • ECON 201 and 202
  • MAT128
  • BUS170
  • FIN301, FIN466, FIN350, FIN364, FIN309

How long have you been tutoring?

I have been tutoring for two years, from September 2018 to now.

How have you represented the peer tutoring program?

I think that I have represented the peer tutoring program by being dedicated, confident and passionate about helping students succeed. I have been able to offer my help to every student, not only in terms of academics but also offering support on any matter needed. I think bonding with the student is the first step to be able to help them in any way.

How has the peer tutoring program impacted you? 

The peer tutoring program has helped me grow on a personal and professional level. It has given me the opportunity to gain experience, further develop my skills and better improve my knowledge. It is an honor to work and interact with a diverse student population and offer my help. Helping students and seeing them succeed is a great and rewarding moment for me!

What do you want students to know about the peer tutoring program? 

The peer tutoring program offers great opportunities for students to get additional help in their academics. It helps students be more engaged in their critical thinking and active learning while creating strong peer relationships. Peer tutoring is a valuable resource, and everyone should take advantage of these teaching strategies to be successful.


Peer tutoring is a free service available to all Salem State students. Peer tutors are undergraduate students who have taken, and done well in, the course for which they tutor and come highly recommended by faculty. More than just strong students, peer tutors are hired because they are able to break down challenging material into smaller parts, provide study tips, and are eager to help others.

Learn more about peer tutoring and how to sign up for a virtual session.

Megan Penyack
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