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Viking Spotlight: Meghan Allard

Meghan Allard

Major: Biology, biomedical concentration
Hometown: Plymouth, MA

Why did you choose to attend Salem State?

Every time I took a tour I fell more in love with Salem State. And when I initially got rejected I felt extremely determined to become a Viking because I felt like this is where I was meant to be.

What surprised you the most when you got here?

What surprised me the most was how diverse and close the entire community is together. Everyone is watching out for everyone’s back. Like we are one big family. My last college was not like this.

What are you involved in on campus?

I’m involved in the biology department at Salem state, I love attending different events that they host such as the Darwin festival. 

What's it like living on campus?

Living on campus is awesome. You have your friends within walking distance, as well as food. And living on campus also gives you the opportunity to gain more responsibility. Learning how to live without mom and dad. The school also has different events going on every week like a paint night or big prize bingo.

Best Salem State Experience so far?

Being able to go on a field trip to the inlet and look at the diversity of organisms living just steps outside our door.

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus?

My favorite place to hang out on campus is the third-floor lounge in Marsh, just as you come off the elevator. It has a corner window which you can sit in and watch the entirety of Central Campus.

My favorite place downtown is Kokeshi, they have really good dishes like Vietnamese noodles and steamed pork buns.

Tell us about a time you had the opportunity to learn about your academic program beyond a textbook or outside of the classroom.

Salem State hosts the Darwin Festival every year where they host several different scientists to present and discuss their findings. They also have films you can watch too. One of the talks I saw was about a marine photographer. Where he would mainly shore dive around here and take pictures of the life. It’s was beautiful to see all of the diversity.

What's one piece of advice or guidance you would give to someone considering attending Salem State?

You will never feel out of place at Salem State. Here everyone has a place In the community. 

Name one item you can't live without during the school year. 

Sneakers! I am constantly walking everywhere because everything is so close! Walking to class or downtown to hang out with friends!

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