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Viking Spotlight: Madeline Allaire

Madeline Allaire

Major: Sport and Movement Science, Athletic Training, Fitness Minor
Hometown: Columbus, OH

Why did you choose to attend Salem State?

I chose to transfer to Salem State because of the high success rate of the athletic training program with the Board of Certification exam, the emphasis on hands-on learning, and the more personalized education and attention. Though the loving and welcoming community is truly what made me fall in love and stay at Salem State. Being at one of the most diverse schools in Massachusetts is a true blessing, and I honestly believe that having a diverse community helps to globalize thinking and gain new perspectives not only just for education, but beyond Salem State for the future.

What surprised you the most when you got here?

I was most surprised by the small classroom size and the vast amount of resources that Salem State has to offer. My professors go above and beyond every day to help me achieve my personal and academic goals, and I have been able to attain multiple life-changing opportunities such as research conventions, internships, and clinical rotations as a result.

What are you involved in on campus?

I am one of the captains of the Salem State Women’s Tennis team, I am on the board of the university's InterVarsity club, and the EATA Ambassador for Salem State’s Athletic Training program, an admissions ambassador, and I am a very active member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. 

Best Salem State Experience so far?

My favorite Salem State experience so far was probably participating in Relay for Life last year. I am a strong advocate of community service work as a way to strengthen and bond a community together, and it was such an incredible experience to see so many Salem State students and staff willing to donate their time to come together and raise money for a good cause. The atmosphere at the event was absolutely unrivaled.

Where is your favorite place to hang out on campus? Downtown? 

My favorite place to hang out on campus is O’Keefe because I am a big health and fitness geek. It is where I spend most of my time. One of my favorite spots is actually a bench that’s kind of hidden away in one of the hallways on the back of the first floor. I love studying there, but now that I’ve been at Salem State for 2 years I can’t sit there for over 10 minutes without a professor or good friend walking by to say "hi".

Downtown, I love to walk to the Salem Wharf. I grew up in Ohio, so any view of the ocean is a good one to me. Though downtown Salem is absolutely beautiful, it reminds me of a small-town Boston because it fluidly combines the old and the new right next to each other. One of my favorite buildings is the Post Office. Even if it’s not convenient, I like to go there to send packages just because of the beautiful architecture. It is one of the pinnacle buildings of downtown Salem.

Tell us about a time you had the opportunity to learn about your academic program beyond a textbook or outside of the classroom.

One of my favorite opportunities was working as an intern at The Micheli Center in Boston Children’s Hospital. It was a dream come true for me.

Before I moved to Massachusetts, the incredible research that The Micheli Center conducts through Boston Children’s Hospital was one of my main attractions to the area. I am a big research geek, and several of the newest research projects and trends in sports medicine are originating from the work at The Micheli Center.

It was absolutely incredible for me to feel like I was at the heart of the most current Sports Medicine research the world has to offer. The incredibly knowledgeable staff and medical technology were simply on another scale of what I had been previously exposed to before I came to Salem State. The beauty of it was that I would not even have had the opportunity to intern at The Micheli Center if it hadn’t been for the incredible professors that continually impress me with their compassion to go above and beyond for their students. Several of my professors had connections to the staff at Boston Children’s Hospital that helped me to be considered for the internship experience.

What's one piece of advice or guidance you would give to someone considering attending Salem State?

The best advice I think I can give any incoming student to Salem State is to think of Salem State as your home. I think too often in life we may get caught up in numbers and statistics. Even though the numbers and statistics are what initially attracted me to Salem State, the people and the community are really what makes the difference. I love the diverse and welcoming community at Salem State, and my best advice to incoming students would be to imagine the students, faculty, and staff at Salem State as your family, and ask yourself if it feels like home. It absolutely did for me, and that is why I am very proud to be a Viking.

Name one item you can't live without during the school year. 

My planner! I maintain a very busy schedule, and I am also an incredibly organized person. If I didn’t have my planner with me I would definitely feel lost.

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