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Viking Spotlight: Christopher Monson

Christopher Monson

Major: Media and Communications, advertising
Hometown: Attleboro, MA

Why did you choose to attend Salem State?

As a transfer student I did not start my college journey at Salem State, so when I was looking at colleges to transfer to Salem State was at the top of my list due to their affordability, accredited programs, and welcoming campus.

What surprised you the most when you got here?

How friendly everyone is! There really is a place for everyone here at Salem State, no matter what language you speak, where you come from, or what you like, there are so many people here to welcome you with open arms. 

What are you involved in on campus?

I am the vice president of active minds, the mental health advocacy group on campus.

What's it like living on campus?

I love living on campus, currently, I’m in a suite with 5 of my friends and it’s always so fun. It’s also convenient for me as I live too far away to commute, so being able to walk no more than 15 minutes to class is truly a lifesaver. 

Best Salem State Experience so far?

I think my first month here at Salem state was one of the best months of my life. I was meeting new people, finding new ways to get involved, and I got to learn the layout of the campus as well as explore downtown.

Where is your favorite place to hang out?

My favorite on-campus spot is definitely Starbucks. Whether I’m just grabbing a coffee or meeting up with some friends it’s a convenient and fun spot to hang out. Downtown is definitely Howling Wolf. Their fried avocado tacos are the best thing I have ever tasted.

Tell us about a time you had the opportunity to learn about your academic program beyond a textbook or outside of the classroom.

I first transferred to Salem state as an education major, and for part of an assignment, I had to visit the Peabody Essex Museum downtown. We had to connect a piece of art there to what we were learning. I got to experience all the beautiful exhibits there as well as being able to think about them from an academic standpoint.

What's one piece of advice or guidance you would give to someone considering attending Salem State?

Salem State has something for everyone, there are so many clubs and activities, places to visit and downtown Salem is definitely THE place to be in October. It’s a great campus community!

Name one item you can't live without during the school year. 

I definitely couldn’t live without coffee. Having a Starbucks and Dunkin’ on campus makes that need so much easier. Sometimes I need a little energy boost and having to walk 5 minutes to get a coffee is something I really appreciate.

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