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Take the Stress out of Registration

10 tips to get you ready to choose classes

Which classes should you choose? How do you see your holds? How does the registration process work in Navigator? Whether you're registering for the first time or you could just use a refresher, check out our top 10 tips for a smooth registration. Find more resources like prep sessions and processes in Canvas.

See Your Advisor

Make an appointment with your faculty advisor during the advising period (now–November 3) and make sure your faculty advisor lifts your faculty advisor hold. You will not be able to register until you meet with your advisor. Your advisor will help you decide what classes you need and should take for next semester.

Be sure to review your degree tracker report and fill out your course shopping list before your advising appointment. Day students—view your ‘to do’ list in Navigator to find out more information about what you need to do before meeting with your advisor.

Be sure to download the Navigate app. Many advisors are using this new way to schedule advising appointments. The app is personalized to YOUR student experience to help you resolve registration holds, find support, make appointments with your professors and more.

Check Your Holds and To-Do List Items

Make sure you don’t have any holds on your account. A hold on your account can prevent you from registering for classes. This is one of the biggest problems students will run into on registration day. It’s your job to check and see if you have a hold on your account. If so, get it resolved before your registration day.

Some examples of who can place holds on your account: health services (including vaccination requirements) the library and student accounts. Checking to see if you have a hold on your account is easy and takes less than two minutes. Simply log in to Navigator and click on your ‘Tasks’ tile on your home page. You can see both holds and things you need to do before your register.

Validate Your Shopping Cart

There’s a great feature in Navigator that allows you to check for any errors before your register (things like pre-requisites, class repeats, etc.). After your appointment with your advisor, add the classes you want to your shopping cart in Navigator. You won’t be able to register until your registration day, but you should check for errors using the new Validate feature. Follow the instructions on your ‘to do’ list item and validate your cart before your registration day. Validating your cart allows you to resolve any issues before your registration day.

Remember, your shopping cart is only a temporary holding spot…you are not registered for the classes until you ‘finish registering’ on your assigned day.  You are not enrolled in a class if it is still in your shopping cart after your assigned registration time.

Double-Check your Registration Appointment

While you’re in Navigator, double-check the day that you are set to register for classes.  Registration appointments are based on projected class status, so if you won’t quite have enough credits at the end of this semester to be a sophomore or junior or senior, you won’t get to register as one! To view your appointment, click on ‘Enrollment Dates’ in the ‘Manage Classes’ tile on your home page.

Have a Plan B!

Make a schedule you are sure you want, and also make a back-up schedule in case any classes are already filled by the time you register. You may have all of your classes in your shopping cart, but after hitting the button to register, you may find that a class or two is no longer available. Make a list of alternative classes before registration day, just in case this happens to you. 

You can also use Schedule Planner to help you create a schedule. To use Schedule Planner, click on the ‘Schedule Planner’ tile on your Navigator home page.

Be Early and Don’t Wait to Register

If you want the best chance to get into all of your classes, register on the first day possible and be logged in and ready before your registration time begins. Students who have received priority registration register at 7 am on each registration day for members of that class, while registration for all other students in that class begins at 4:30 pm on their respective day. Remember, classes with low enrollments can be cancelled, so make sure to sign up for the classes you need on time!

Don’t Panic!

Don’t panic if Navigator takes a few minutes to load after hitting register; it happens to all of us! There are thousands of other students trying to register, too, and any website is going to slow down because of this. If Navigator gets bogged down, information technology services recommends waiting a couple minutes for traffic to clear before signing back on. We recommend registering for classes on a laptop or desktop, not on your phone.

Explore Options

If some of the classes you need to take for your major and/or minor are closed, take this as an opportunity to take another class outside of your major that could also benefit you, just be sure to check your Degree Tracker report to be sure that class will count towards your degree. Some classes are beneficial for all majors. Many classes, even if they don’t fit into your major’s requirements, can help you in your career after you graduate.

Factor in Time and Distance

Make sure your schedule fits together, time-wise. Don’t schedule a class on North Campus right before a class on South Campus because you won’t be able to make it on time. If you’re a commuter, think about how long it will take you to find a parking spot at O’Keefe then walk to class on Central Campus. Of course you can always hop on the shuttles, but remember to factor in traffic and wait times.


Lastly, take a deep breath and relax. If after following all of these steps, you still find that you don’t like your schedule, remember: you can change it! You can re-arrange your schedule all the way up through the end of Add/Drop. Also, if the class you need or really want to take is full, you can email the professor of that course and see if they would allow an extra student in the class. 

Good luck, everyone!

Registration Dates

Graduate Degree-Seeking Students

Monday, November 1: 8:30 am


Tuesday, November 2: Senior Priority registration begins at 7 am; all other seniors register at 4:30 pm

Wednesday, November 3: Junior priority registration begins at 7 am; All other juniors register at 4:30 pm

Thursday, November 4: Sophomore priority registration begins at 7 am; All other sophomores register at 4:30 pm

First-Year Students
Friday, November 5: Freshman priority registration begins at 7 am; All other first years register at 4:30 pm

Thinking of taking a Wintersession course? Remember, winter courses will cost extra, but are a great option for students trying to get ahead on their requirements.

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