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Students inducted into Alpha Omega Psi

The First Year Experience office at Salem State University recently inducted 25 outstanding sophomore students into Alpha Omega Psi, an honor society for students who demonstrate strong academic performance and engagement at the university. During their first-year, these students participated in the Salem State University Emerging Scholars program and successfully completed all requirements while maintaining a commitment to their academic success.

Emerging Scholars participants are paired with graduate success coaches and participate in a variety of guided sessions throughout their first year to build their academic and life skills, in addition to receiving support as they transition to academic and social life at the university. Emerging Scholars success coaches, Jolene Nunez, Carolyn Tracey, Brooke Maker, and Rashid Abuelmaali provided each inductee with a formal certificate and a medallion to wear as part of their commencement regalia that they will wear in two years. 

Mathew Chetnik, director of the first year experience, noted that "Emerging Scholars provides students an opportunity to take ownership of their college experience while taking advantage of a coach whose sole focus is to motivate and guide them on that journey. While college can be hectic, these students completed all required sessions and were able to demonstrate a strong academic record at the end of their first year."

Emerging Scholar success coach, Jolene Nunez states, “consistency is often a key to becoming successful. The consistency these students have shown will be a strong foundation to their academic and overall goals going forward! We couldn't be prouder of their efforts.” 

The Emerging Scholars program is one of many initiatives at Salem State University designed to connect first-year students with supports which assists them in achieving success on their journey towards college completion.

Student Inductees:

  • Maura Anning, Computer Science
  • Kael Briesacher, Political Science and Sociology
  • Caroline Canty, Art
  • Kelsey Connelly, Criminal Justice
  • Kaylie Cruz, Healthcare Studies
  • Peter Diplacido, Business Administration/Finance
  • Abigail Durham, Theatre
  • Jillian Geysen, Healthcare Studies
  • Johanne Heuer, Healthcare Studies
  • Marcus JeanMary, Media & Communication
  • Marck Jules, Theatre Arts
  • Deacon Kelly, History
  • Victoria Laforge, Business Administration/Marketing
  • Melanie Makrin, Nursing
  • Morgan Manchester, Exploratory
  • Sandra McCarron, Nursing
  • Alejandra Murcia Pineda, Nursing
  • Tyler Norden, Chemistry
  • Kristen Reuss, Chemistry
  • Rose Sarkissian, Business Administration/Hospitality Management
  • Connor Stamm, Theatre
  • Gabriella Torres, Psychology
  • Alessandro Ventresca, Geological Sciences
  • Jessica Vittorini, Healthcare Studies
  • Julia Weeks, Criminal Justice
Mathew R Chetnik
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