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Senior Spotlight ‘24: Rebecca Jules

Preferred pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Major/Concentration: Nursing

Minor(s): Biology

Hometown: Lynn, MA

What made you choose Salem State, and what is the one thing you think a prospective student should know about our campus community?

I chose Salem State because of the positive campus community, nursing program, reasonable clinical placements, smaller class sizes, and the resources that are provided to students, like the writing center and career services. One thing I think a prospective student should know about the campus community is that there are a lot of opportunities out there – you must take advantage of them and put yourself out there! As someone who is shy, it can be scary, but people on campus appreciate authenticity, so you must be yourself, and opportunities will come to you!

How have you stayed engaged with the campus community as a commuter student?

As a commuter, I stayed engaged with the campus community by following different clubs and organizations on social media, frequently checking my email to stay updated about campus events and staying connected with peers who lived on campus.

What are you involved in on campus? (Student groups, clubs, organizations, jobs, internships, honors, or athletic affiliations)

I am currently involved in the Student Nurses Association, the Commonwealth Honors Program, Nursing Peer Tutoring, Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. I am also a former admissions ambassador, summer resident assistant, orientation leader, IT service desk aide, and graduation usher.

Can you describe the educational value and affordability you’ve experienced at Salem State University? How has the university supported your academic journey regarding quality and accessibility?

Salem State is affordable and has great educational value, making it a great college option for students. The scholarship from the Commonwealth Honors Program has helped make Salem State even more affordable for me. There are a lot of scholarships that are open to students that they can apply for. There are also a lot of campus jobs available that can help students if they need extra money. I also appreciate the access we have to campus resources like peer tutoring and career services for no additional cost. Additionally, the Student Navigation Center is an office that is always willing to support students whenever assistance is needed with the “business” aspect of being a student and has helped me a lot over the past four years.

Could you discuss the relationships you’ve developed with faculty members at Salem State and how these relationships have influenced your learning and personal growth?

The faculty members here at Salem State have been very supportive of my journey as a student. My professors have taken the time to get to know me in the classroom and beyond it and have been instrumental in ensuring my academic and personal success. I have learned so much, and the knowledge they have passed down to me with their recommendations has also inspired me to become a nursing peer tutor to continue passing that knowledge to other nursing students.

Salem State emphasizes hands-on learning experiences. Can you share any memorable experiences where you’ve applied classroom knowledge in real-world settings through projects?

My experiences in the nursing simulation lab have been helpful in learning and practicing important nursing skills and then carrying them out while in the clinical setting. One very helpful simulation lab was a lab called “MegaCode,” where code blues were happening to different patients, and all of us in the simulation lab had to work together using critical thinking to resuscitate the patients. Because I work in the emergency room where code blues are a regular occurrence, that experience helped me better understand the roles of staff members in a code and what to do.

What have you accomplished during your time at Salem that you are most proud of?

I am most proud of the growth I have experienced as an overall person here at Salem State. The classes have intellectually challenged me, while the community has supported me. That combination has helped foster my individuality, which I know will help me make a difference in this world and share my light with others!

In what ways has Salem State demonstrated its commitment to your success, both academically and personally? Can you share any specific instances where the university has gone above and beyond to support you?

Academically, office hours and tutoring have supported me to ensure my success in the classroom. As far as personally, I have networked with many people within the university who have provided me with opportunities that I would have never expected.

As you near graduation, how do you feel Salem State has prepared you for your future career? What resources or opportunities have been particularly valuable in this regard?

Salem State has prepared me for my future career by putting on career fairs, Career Closet in the Ellison Campus Center, Handshake, resume workshops, and my nursing clinical and preceptorship experiences.

What are your post-graduation plans, and how do you believe your time at Salem State has equipped you for success in pursuing them?

I plan to work as a nurse at a local hospital and continue my education by attaining my master's degree. I believe my time at Salem State has equipped me for success in pursuing these plans because of the resources available that help prepare seniors for their lives post-graduation and the support from faculty members!

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