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Salem State University Hosts 2021 Northeast Regional Educators Hall of Fame Ceremony

Honors three top alumni educators

Three Salem State University alumni were honored at the 2021 Northeast Regional Educators Hall of Fame ceremony for their outstanding contributions to the field of education. The evening’s inductees included Rose Colannino DeLuca ’73, ’03G, Adam Deleidi ’98, ’03G, and Gabrielle Montevecchi ’99, ’07G, ’13G.  

Double Viking Rose Colannino DeLuca ’73, ’03G received the Dorothy M. Foley ’48 Northeast Region Educator Award for her constant pursuit of excellence in the field of special education, contributing to the success of students in Revere Public Schools and student teachers studying at Salem State University. Coming from a multi-generational and bilingual home, education was important in her household.

“When I decided to become a teacher, I chose Salem State University. I was the first one in my family to attend college and to graduate,” Colannino DeLuca told Salem State.

She worked as an educator and administrator in Revere Public Schools for 37 years and is currently working as an adjunct faculty and program supervisor at her alma mater, Salem State, where she has also been a volunteer for the alumni association for the past 17 years.

“Proudly, I thank Salem State University every day for the opportunities it has afforded me, and I will continue to praise its benefits to all,” she added.

Double Viking Adam Deleidi ’98, ’03G received the Dr. Edna Mauriello ’44 Lifetime Achievement Award for his 20+ year educational career, highlighting his demonstrated leadership and lasting contribution to the field. Upon graduating from Salem State, Deleidi began his career in Chelsea Public Schools as a science teacher and remains there today as the assistant superintendent of student services.  

“As I reflect on my career, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the impact that Salem State has had. It provided me with an opportunity to access a high-quality and affordable college education…and taught me at an early age that education equals opportunity,” Deleidi told Salem State.

With the onset of the pandemic, his role expanded to include managing the district’s Covid-19 response. He was charged with ensuring students and families in hard-hit Chelsea were able to get food, technology services, and healthcare options during the pandemic.

Triple Viking Gabrielle Montevecchi ’99, ’07G, ’13G received the Salem State Alumni Award for her consistent and demonstrated best practices in the field of education. As the principal of the Hannah Elementary School in Beverly, Montevecchi is living her dream and making a positive impact on the students and families she serves.  

“I have the best job in the world, and I couldn’t be more proud to serve this community,” she told Salem State.

Throughout her career, she found passion in helping fellow educators find the leadership within themselves to create new possibilities for children: “I had the privilege to work with numerous Salem State University graduates throughout my time in Lynn, Salem, and Beverly, and the innovation and passion these educators share is more than impressive,” she said. 

Since its founding, Salem State University has granted over 16,000 degrees in education, with 80% of alumni living in Massachusetts. The university has a rich history of training and preparing educators who have an enormous impact on the school systems and communities of the North Shore and beyond.  

Established in 2013, the mission of the Salem State University Northeast Regional Educators Hall of Fame is to honor and recognize exemplary leaders, past and present, in the field of education for their dedication, contributions, and service to their profession. This program serves as a record and inspiration for the next generation of educators. 

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