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Salem State School of Nursing Spotlight: Alexa Hernandez '24

We asked Viking Alexa Hernandez '24, who comes to Salem State from Revere, about her experience in the Salem State School of Nursing.

Why did you decide to study nursing at Salem State?

“I chose to study nursing at Salem State because it has a wonderful reputation and it is close to home.”


What has been your favorite nursing course at Salem State so far? Who taught it?

“My favorite nursing course so far at Salem State has been Health Assessment Lab, taught by instructor Erika Sheehan.”


Have you had any jobs or internships in the nursing field while studying at Salem State? If so, please describe them.

“While studying at Salem State I have had two jobs in the nursing field. I have worked in the emergency room department at Massachusetts General Hospital as a patient observer, also known as a sitter. Now, I am a medical assistant working in pediatric cardiology.”


What kind of nursing career do you plan to pursue? Is there a nursing specialty you are interested in?

“Two nursing specialties that interest me are occupational health nursing and cardiac care nursing.”


Describe your experience in Salem State's School of Nursing. In what ways have your courses prepared you to be a nurse?

“My experience at Salem State's School of Nursing has been great. The courses I am taking right now have helped me to explore the different aspects of becoming a nurse and how to properly assess a patient from head to toe.”


What have you liked most about studying nursing at Salem State?

“What I have liked the most about studying nursing at Salem State are the professors and how you can always reach out to them when you have a question.”


What has it been like to study and/or work in the nursing field during the COVID-19 pandemic? What challenges have you had to overcome?

“To work in the nursing field during the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough. There are challenges I've had to overcome such as being isolated from family and friends, fear of transmitting the virus, and a shortage of workers.”


What do you love most about nursing in general?

“One thing I love about nursing, in general, is that you are able to support patients and families through a difficult and stressful time. I also love how there are so many career options in nursing, for example, a nurse-midwife, nurse educator, travel nurse, and psychiatric nurse.”


What advice would you give to future nursing students?

“I would tell future nursing students to find out what your learning style is, make friends, manage your time, invest in a good stethoscope, and always try your best.”


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