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Salem State Faculty and Staff News

November 2022

Salem State University faculty and staff are educators, scholars, and leaders in their respective fields. Following are highlights and accolades celebrating the outstanding research and creative activities conducted by Salem State faculty and staff in November 2022. 

Annmarie Bedard, Sport and Movement Science Operations Coordinator earned a certification in Open Educational Resources (OER). 

Professor Tim Dacey (sociology) published an article in Sociological Inquiry titled “The Green Elephants in the Room: Perceived Environmental Threat and Support for Regulation Among Republicans”. Using survey data, he shows that Republicans who report higher levels of personal environmental harm also report stronger support for environmental regulation. This pattern holds across varied measurement specifications suggesting that exposure to environmental harm might directly challenge and change partisan opposition to environmental reform. 

On November 18, Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach Julian Giantonio recorded his first career win as a Viking with the 2-1 victory over Plymouth State.  

Professor Joanna Gonsalves (psychology) and Professor Emeritus Richard Levy (politics, policy and international relations) with others produced and appeared in a podcast published “Organizing against university capital debt” in The International Journal of Equity and Social Justice in Higher Education. The podcast discusses and explains the problems of campus capital debt and borrowing on public higher education campuses and ways to organize against it to create more diverse, equitable and increasingly low-cost public higher education as a public good.  

Professor Emeritus Richard Levy (politics, policy and international relations) was one of the featured guests on a segment of WBUR Radio Boston entitled “How Massachusetts college students help pay their schools' debt.” They discussed what campus capital debt is, how it affects students, public higher education workers and undermines public higher education as a public good and ways to address the problem, including the role that the recently passed Fair Share Amendment can play. 

Professor Miguel Montalva Barba (sociology) published an article in Urban Studies that challenges and addresses the racist base of urban studies. The article, titled “To move forward, we must look back: White supremacy at the base of urban studies”, focuses on the Chicago School that solidified and inscribed in the city their obsession with the ‘Negro Problem’, race, race relations, and (im)migration. Their fixation not only framed modern sociology with an emphasis on the ‘Other’ but cemented a taken-for-granted undergirding of Whiteness at its base.   

Professor Miguel Montalva Barba (sociology) was featured in an article about Ballot Question 4, and its implications for undocumented drivers in MA. The article, titled "A Bump in the Road”, features Professor Montalva Barba's experience as a queer undocumented person and police abuse.  

Professor Shelley Steenrod (social work) published an article in honor of National Adoption Month. Titled “Adoption in Flux: How Can Social Workers Prepare?” the article can be found in the November issue of The New Social Worker.  

Professor Stephen Young (geography and sustainability) and master’s student Jeannette Miranda (geo-information science) traveled to Guatemala from November 7-14, 2022, to run a “Participatory Mapping” workshop for 15 conservation organizations from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. After the three-day workshop in Antigua they traveled to the mountainous Mayan indigenous region of Totonicapan to teach organizations from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala how to use drones for forest monitoring. Learn more here

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